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How To Aqua Spin With Sun & Sand Sports

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The ‘How To’ series continues on the Sun & Sand Sports Blog, and next up is aqua spinning. Also known as aqua biking, or aqua cycling, this is an underwater spinning workout that uses a stationary bike frame, which is submerged in a pool while the rider’s body remains above water. The essence of this form of fitness is a pedal workout, and the ‘aqua’ element gives the rider that extra resistance as they pedal against the flow of water, making the session that more challenging.

Similar to your regular spinning classes (on land that is), the rider will be taken through a series of exercises that involve a warm up, a high intensity series to raise the heart rate, and there are also a variety of other exercises that can be added to the mix which will target key muscle groups – including triceps dips and leg raises, which again, work against the resistance of the water for more effective strength training.

For this episode of the How To series, we headed to The Fairmont, The Palm to check out their Aquaspin™ Signature class with Roland as our instructor and Amanda as the student. Watch the video below to see how the aqua spin class went:


Here’s a little recap of the things you need to know:

1. Begin with a warm-up: This helps to warm up the muscles and get them ready for action, particularly against the resistance of the water.

aqua spin coach

2. Mobilise both your upper and lower body: Aqua spinning is not just about the legs; make sure to keep the upper body just as active, and all muscles engaged throughout the series of movements.

3. Keep the legs pedalling: While focusing on the ‘swimming’ and ‘rotation’ exercises, make sure that you keep the legs spinning throughout.

aqua spin pool

4. Intervals (high intensity): Focus on your breathing as this will help you to regulate your movements, and push yourself that little bit further with each set.

5. Active recovery: Keep pedalling for an active recovery, as you bring the heart rate back down to resting.

aqua spin training

6. Adjust the seat for the upper body workout: The seat should be raised in line with the bar, as this will bring your upper body out of the water for a secondary dimension to your aqua spin workout.

7. Try out your first aqua spin class and start pedalling!


Amanda Wears:




Roland Wears:





Check out the other episodes in the How To Series, and try something new today – whether that’s surfing, or boxing, Pilates, or Parkour. Don’t forget to sign up to the Sun & Sand Sports newsletter by entering your email in the box below, for all the latest updates from the world of sport and fitness.




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