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How To Do Parkour With Sun & Sand Sports

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By SSS Team
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We paired up with Nabeel Merchant for a second time in our ‘How To’ series – this time to learn How To Do Parkour. This particular sport has grown in popularity in the region over the past year or so, and we wanted to find out more about it, and how to do it for that matter.

Parkour requires a mixture of nimbleness, strength, agility, speed and balance, in a series of rapid movements through an area. This typically takes place in an urban environment, negotiating various obstacles with jumps, or climbing over them in quick succession. This is a great sport in the concrete jungle that is Dubai, as it can be done pretty much anywhere – provided there are different levels of surfaces to negotiate, be those concrete walls, steps, or park benches even. It has to be said, this does also take a certain level of bravery, because these surfaces are not particularly forgiving should you fall. Which is why it’s so important to start out small and learn the basics the right way, before you build yourself up to the next level and take on greater challenges in your Parkour journey.

Take a look at the video below as Nabeel takes Zee through the basics and we learn How To Do Parkour.

Here’s a little recap of the things you need to know:

1. The Landing: Ensure that you land on the ball of the foot and keep the knees bent – do not lock them.

PARKOUR - How To Series | UAE


2. The Wall Climb:

  • Step onto the wall keeping the knee elevated, and drive your hands up over your head to build momentum upwards in anticipation of the jump.
  • Drive the hips forward as you jump, as this will help with elevation.
  • Grab onto the edge of the wall and pull the body up. Lock the elbows as you push down onto the wall.
  • Take a bigger run up to bring yourself up and over.

Parkour in Dubai, UAE


3. The Safety Vault: Learning how to overcome an obstacle and jump over it. Position one leg on top which will step onto the wall, as the lower leg kicks out in front. Start off with a slow walk up to the obstacle, developing speed as you get used to the movement pattern, adding a run-up before the jump.



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You can see all the episodes so far, on the How To Series tab – try something new today and pick up a new set of skills. Don’t forget to sign up to the Sun & Sand Sports newsletter by signing up in the box below, for all the latest updates from the world of sport and fitness.







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