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How To Do Reformer Pilates With Sun & Sand Sports

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Reformer Pilates is next in line for the SSS Blog ‘How To’ series, so we’ll start by telling you a little bit about it. Reformer Pilates is based on the same basic principles that are used in the practice of Mat Pilates, but Reformer Pilates is quite different in many respects, particularly with it being done on the Reformer machine – a slightly intimidating, but perfectly friendly contraption for core-focused, resistance-based exercises. Pilates is a neuromuscular form of fitness, so you’re using your mind and your body to make things happen as you identify different muscle groups in order to move them in a controlled and effective manner with every precise movement that you do. It’s what makes it a challenging form of exercise, because precision is key, and holding every movement correctly for a sustained period of time is definitely a challenge. Adding to that challenge are the springs, which create resistance, allowing for a greater range of movement with certain exercises, and a far smaller range as you increase the resistance.

Instructor Liz Marshall from the Real Pilates studio showed us the basics to Reformer Pilates, taking student, Amanda through her paces as they switched out the resistance on the machine, using the core muscles as the basis for each series of movements, ensuring the correct alignment and positioning was being practiced at all times.

Watch the full instructional video below and see what it takes to master the basics of Reformer Pilates.


Here’s a little recap of what you need to know:

1. The springs: Try different springs for varying levels of resistance – this will make a movement easier or harder to do.

Reformer Pilates - UAE | SSS

2. Warm up: Check the resistance first by doing a few warm-up exercises, to see how your body responds to that particular resistance.

Reformer Pilates - Dubai | SSS

3. Core stability: Make sure that your abdominal muscles are switched on to provide stability with every movement.

Reformer Pilates - Abu Dhabi | SSS

4. Challenge yourself: After a few reps, make the movement a little bit more difficult – maybe change springs, or speed up the movement.

How_TO_Reformer Pilates - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

5. Give it a go!


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How To Reformer Pilates, Dubai - UAE

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You can check out the other instructional videos in the How To series right here, and pick up some new skills for 2017. Sign up to the SSS newsletter for all the latest updates on sports trends, highlights and events.



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