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Vida Wellness Mornings With Fit Squad DXB

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Fitness coach

Sun & Sand Sports has teamed up with Fit Squad DXB, in a healthy collaboration with the Dubai-based team of fitness instructors, coaches and personal trainers. The Fit Squad DXB team is currently 17-strong, and they’re a super talented bunch who are here to motivate and take the stress out of exercise for their clients. It’s all about making fitness accessible and enjoyable! They cover every specialist field you can imagine from Muay Thai, HIIT, swimming instructing, yoga, boxing, calisthenics, triathlon, to physique and body building.

Yoga session

The Fit Squad DXB team is currently hosting a series of Wellness Mornings at Vida Downtown, in a super relaxed setting by the pool, and with the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect location for a spot of yoga on a Saturday morning. The event is scheduled to go on until the beginning of January, and if the demand is there then they will continue into 2018. The Wellness Mornings are designed to round off the weekend in a healthy way – nothing too intense, but enough to get you working those muscles. The whole idea is that you leave feeling energised, fresh, and all set to start the week ahead.

Yoga Squad Wellness

Yoga instructor, Olivia took us through our paces on Saturday, in the hour-long flow session. We worked on a variety of poses and really warmed up the muscles, which had a great unwinding effect – leaving us feeling nice and relaxed and refreshed. When Olivia isn’t taking the sessions, Sean takes the floor – I haven’t tried his session yet, but there’s always next week!

Fitness Squad Wellness

Fitness doesn’t have to be a chore, and there are so many options to choose from – it’s all about listening to your body and doing the sports that make you feel good. Weekend sports are my favourite because you have more time to have fun with your fitness, whether you’re paddleboarding by the Burj, hiking in the mountains, or doing yoga by the pool! Find your fit and check out Fit Squad DXB’s team of coaches and events coming up this season. And you’re going to need gear to match – so head to to find all the latest sporting gear and lifestyle apparel for your next session.




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