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Commit to Nothing (ft. DJ Khaled)

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By SSS Team
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Committing to nothing is the goal here, and what we’ve been preaching for the past month or so. The encouragement to get out and try as many different sporting activities without any consequence or any pressure can truly feel invigorating. 

But if you don’t want to take our word for it, why not take DJ Khaled’s word about what he had to say about the #CommitToNothing to a variety of publications:


1. What inspired you to do this campaign? 

I was inspired to do this campaign because it means people can be great at more than one thing whether it be a sport, hobby, profession or whatever.

I support everything that is positive and encourages people to be their best. 

2. How do you engage with sports in your daily life? 

Sports are apart of my every day life. At home, I play basketball and soccer with my kids who make me so proud of their hard work and accomplishments. Golf is my favorite sport to engage in as I make time to daily to practice and perfect my swing. There’s also a certain level of peace I feel when I’m on the golf course while also being motivated to be the best. 


3. The #CommitToNothing campaign depicts sports are not limited to just winning, do you believe that being able to finish a sporting activity is a ‘fun’ way to end the day, as opposed to being too focused on a goal?

I think personal goals are great because it is specifically for the person that is setting them. I believe personal goals are great ways to have “fun” while you push yourself to greatness. It is not about competing against someone, as long as you give it your best shot! 


4. Does the campaign message around trying different sports and not committing to one thing also translate to your music in a way?

I’m blessed to work with so many incredible artists and icons which has resulted into success. The more you work with others and share your gifts, the greater the return. 


5. Many people tap out under the pressure of commitment when trying a new sport or learning a new skill. Do you ever face that?

“I’m really into golf right now and take the sport extremely seriously. I practice daily and work hard at the sport. Of course it gets tough but when you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. We never fold and we push through. GOD DID!” 

6. Can you elaborate on the significance of attempting new things and experimenting in your music and career?

“There’s a beauty in trying new things. It’s a way of expression and creativity. I’ve always been experimenting and creating my entire career and am grateful to have been able to create some world wide anthems with incredible artists and icons.” 

If there’s one thing you could take away from this, it’s that GOD DID. (Guess you could say that I had to throw in…. Another One)

But forreal though, with the message in motion, and an array of social media challenges up, we would love to know what you’re doing to #CommitToNothing? Share your sporting adventures and tag us @sssports.


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