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Stay Energised With Ramadan Health Tips From SSS

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The sunny days are upon us, not to mention the steady rise in mercury levels just in time for fasting season. The heat and humidity make Ramadan fasting a challenge, however, with a few Ramadan health tips from Sun & Sand Sports, you can be sure to feel invigorated before, during and after your fast.

Since you only get two main meals during Ramadan (Suhoor and Iftar), try and make the most of them by choosing your meals wisely. Focus on the quality of your diet, not the quantity, because after a 15-hour long fast, it is important to replenish your nutrients in the right balance to allow your body to function normally. Therefore, it is suggested that your diet includes foods from every nutrition group to ensure that you stay fit and healthy during Ramadan without losing track of your fitness goals.

Health should never be compromised, even during Ramadan, so without further ado, take a look at some of our key tips and tricks to making Ramadan fasting easier to stomach.

Fuel Up With Suhoor


Suhoor is the morning, pre-fast meal consumed before sunrise. This meal will provide you sustenance to get through your busy Ramadan days, so it is vital that you have a healthy, well-balanced meal. Choosing dairy products, legumes and boiled eggs at Suhour will keep you full and energised throughout the day, while the calcium and vitamin D from your dairy intake will improve your strength and keep you hydrated.

Don’t forget to load up on the beans, cereal, fruits and veggies to get a full dose of fibre during Suhoor to meet your body’s demands for proper nutrition. To avoid feeling thirsty and losing necessary fluids, bid adieu to caffeine and salty foods (nuts, pickles, etc.) as these foods contribute to overall water loss in your body, which can be detrimental during Ramadan fasting.

Recharge With Iftar


As your fast nears its end, you can’t help but get excited thinking about the delicious meal you’re about to have. Instead of devouring large portions of food and gulping down litres of water immediately, treat your tummy gently and feed your body and mind the right way. Don’t gorge on large meals as this upsets the stomach, which becomes sensitive to any food intake due to the change in eating habits occurring during Ramadan. Therefore, it is a good idea to break your fast with dates, a glass of water and some soup – these small meals will prepare your stomach for the meal to come. Once you have had a taster, give yourself approximately thirty minutes before eating your next course, allowing your body to get accustomed to the influx of vital nutrients.

Ensure that your meal contains a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Choose healthy options such as grilled meat and fish over fried food varieties to keep up your health. Stay away from food and drinks rich in artificial sugar as they absorb water from your body and lower your energy in the long run.

So there you have it – a few healthy living tips from Sun & Sand Sports to keep you happy and healthy this Ramadan. By maintaining your diet and exercise levels, it is possible to stay healthy and to lose some weight during Ramadan. So take advantage of the month of fasting to make some healthy choices and lifestyle changes for a better, fitter and healthier tomorrow.

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