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Ramadan Greetings with Sun & Sand Sports

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When it comes to Ramadan, it’s not just about fasting; it’s very much about the “family” spirit in all aspects. The gatherings, the family visits, watching Ramadan specials together in the evenings, and generally spending more quality time together. It’s about sharing food, sharing moments and most of all it’s about the happiness that you see in everyone’s eyes regardless of the fasting fatigue.

The Ramadan greeting is an important one: sharing values when greeting family and friends; even to the neighbours you might not talk to for most of the year. A greeting can be interpreted many ways no matter the nationality or religion – it is a sign of welcome and this is what the month of Ramadan has been all about.


Expressions and wishes

Ramadan Kareem

Even if you don’t know the exact meaning of the phrase, we all know that it’s a positive expression that everybody uses to acknowledge and welcome the occasion. When you say “Ramadan Kareem” to someone it means that you wish him/her all the best in Ramadan since this month is generous in all its values and spiritual rewards.

Ramadan Mubarak

This is a wish of all the blessings to find their way to you.


The sharing concept

Ramadan is a month for sharing, and sharing the sweetest things – both literally and metaphorically. People in Ramadan express their care and greet others by cooking for one other. Most of the Arabic expats in the region like to live their traditions by making well-known Eid desserts. Family and friends meet to prepare a collection of Ma’amoul. Filled with dates and pistachio or walnuts, all participate in making the dough, placing this in wooden molds and baking – for a sweet Eid dessert for sharing.


Ramadan Activities

Ramadan Greeting

With activities taking place late into the evening after breaking the fast, people don’t tend to sleep as much, as they embrace the spirit of Ramadan — from praying to cooking and inviting each other to iftar or suhour. Kids also enjoy this month their way especially in the middle of the month for the Girgian night. Girgian is a tradition in the Gulf region which sees children dress up in traditional costume and walk around the neighbourhood knocking on doors, singing traditional songs to collect treats and toys from neighbours. It’s a night they look forward to for the whole year.

As we near the Eid celebrations, it’s important to make the most of the final week of Ramadan and to enjoy the Ramadan spirit and express your greetings in all these different ways. Don’t forget to eat well, exercise right , stay hydrated as you read your way through our Ramadan series. Sign up to the SSS Blog to stay updated on all our health and sports news, trends and tips.

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