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SSS Summer Activities Series

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Summer is officially here and it’s getting hot out there, but worry not, because we’ve got you covered. Sun & Sand Sports will be your summer destination for all your sports-related content and key summer activities.

What to expect from SSS this summer:


summer activities

The Copa America and Euro 2016 events are top of our football highlights over the summer, and we will be bringing you all the latest football news and live football scores from the Become Blog. We’re selling all the Euro 2016 kits and latest football products at so you can get kitted out ahead of the games and follow your favourite football players in all their matches as you cheer them on from the sidelines.

We will be hosting our very own Sun & Sand Sports football tournament so you can all get involved in the action by putting your own 5-a-side team forward – add this to your list of summer activities!

We’re also partnering up with 365Scores to bring you live updates from the Euros at the click of a button on your mobile phones – making it even easier for you to follow all the live football action.



summer activities

The Holy month of Ramadan will soon begin and it will be a month of fasting and reflection, as well as a time to meet with family and friends. It is important to respect the traditions of Islam during this month and also to adopt a healthy routine while fasting, as it can be tricky to maintain a fitness regimen during the fasting period.

Sun & Sand Sports will be offering tips and advice for those fasting during the Islamic month, from low-impact exercise ideas to Ramadan recipes – for both beginning the fast at Suhour time and breaking the fast for Iftar. The SSS Become Blog will host all of our Ramadan recommendations and related features throughout the month, as we take you from start to finish before we round everything off for the Eid Al Fitr celebrations.



summer activities

As usual we will be following all the latest fitness trends in and around the region, from the top indoor workouts to healthy recipes and the latest fitness fads to add to your list of summer activities. We will also be featuring our favourite sports styles and brand collaborations, so that you will always be styled up and ready to hit the gym in the best performance wear out there.

So even if football isn’t your thing, we will still be providing a huge range of content to cover your sports needs this summer, to keep you fit and healthy and well motivated!

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