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Ramadan Health Tips From The Nike+ Run Club Coaches

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We are nearly two weeks into Ramadan and for those of us fasting, our bodies have adjusted nicely to the fasting routine. I find personally that my body takes some time to adjust, and for the first few days I often feel very lethargic and want to do everything that I can to conserve my energy; but our bodies are stronger than we think, more resilient, and I am often surprised at what I am capable of, considering the lack of food and water in my body. Which is where the power of the mind comes in; fasting is very much a mental as well as a physical challenge, so it’s definitely about getting into the right mindset for fasting. This is where your own goals and expectations are important – whether they are based on spirituality, or your own personal challenge.

Nike+ Run Club Coaches | Dubai, UAE

So now that we have settled into the month of Ramadan, it’s important to ensure that we are continuing this month in the healthiest way possible – to incorporate fitness into our routines, and to ensure that we are both starting and breaking our fast in the healthiest way possible. We caught up with Nike+ Run Club Coaches, Manal Rostom and Rafael Roots to get some advice and Ramadan health tips to see us through the month, and beyond in fact, because Ramadan is a great way to recalibrate and set fresh, challenging (and healthier) goals for the rest of the year. You can watch the full interview below.

It’s great to hear from both Manal and Rafael so we see the viewpoints from both those who are fasting and those non-fasting. The coaches stress the importance of hydration during Ramadan, of sleep, of healthy eating – it’s an important month on a spiritual level for so many, and so maintaining a holistically healthy mindset for the month will only add to the overall benefits on both your mind and body. This is a month of reflection, introspection and sharing – with friends, family and fitness buddies, and as tempting as it may be, it’s important not to overindulge, but to do everything in moderation.

Now that you’ve got all your Ramadan health tips from the experts, it’s time to find your optimal training time – and don’t be afraid to test out a few different timings if you are fasting, so you can see when works best for you. Start out light, and increase the challenge progressively – just remember to listen to your body at every step of the way. You can get hold of all your training gear at, and these are the looks that Manal and Rafael are sporting.


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