Sporting Life | 01/01/2018

How To Maintain Your New Year Fitness Routine

By SSS Editorial

A few weeks back we spoke about how to plan your workout routine instead of just jumping to the first spin class you see. Today, we’ll talk about the different ways of maintaining your routine so that you can stay focused, prep on time and meet all those fitness goals for 2018.

Get A Tracker

New Year UAE Fitness Tracker

This New Year make sure you set short-term goals and track your progress. It’s only human to slack off a bit but when you’ve got a tracker like the FitBit, Tom Tom or the Jawbone, you’ve got a buddy that keeps track of your day-to-day progress and sets reminders to run, walk or take a break.

Set Up A Home Fitness Area

New Year Home Fitness

You might not be able to hit the gym when you’ve got a strict deadline on your plate – that’s why it’s always best that you have some equipment at home that can help you stay active. A simple Hula Hoop, kettle bells, dumbbells or a yoga mat can help you with core, cardio and leg workouts.

Eat Right

Eat Right This New Year

Leave the cheat days strictly for the weekends. Remember, nutrition is so important when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Stock up on protein shakes or bars that can help replenish your muscles, give you stamina and curb your desire to fall off the healthy bandwagon.

Outdoor Workouts

New Year Fitness

Mix up your workout routines with a bit of adventure. Trail in the outskirts of the city, set up a hiking plan or get involved in an outdoor boot camp with a group of people who have similar fitness goals.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

New Year Dubai

Give yourself time to recover and re energise, and get back on your feet. Strenuous workouts might take you to your fitness goals faster in which case you might either push yourself too hard or drop out of your routine. Give yourself a breather, take baby steps and have fun with your workout routine.

Don’t forget – this year is about YOU.



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