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5 Ways To Plan Your 2018 Workout Routine

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By SSS Team
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Your 2017 workout routine probably looked a bit like this: three months of dedicated spin classes, a month of Pilates training, weekend yoga meet-ups, swimming in the summer, short trails during the winter, followed by a dash of cardio.

While 2017 was a potpourri of workouts, this year is going to be all about YOU, and we’re here to set the tone for 2018 and your new workout routine.


Let’s Get Real

Workout To Keep Fit In 2018, UAE

Before scribbling down phrases like ‘ripped’ or ‘toned’ on your notepad, take a closer look at yourself. Where are you now and where do you want to be? Break your fitness goals down into days, weeks or even months. The more realistic you are with your approach to getting ‘fit’, the happier you will be with the results.


Keep It Simple

Planning Your Fitness Goals For 2018, UAE

No, you don’t have to do monkey bars and make a jungle gym out of your study room. Focus on the areas that you want to work on and then draft a workout plan around it. For example, if you want to work on your legs, then chart out three main leg exercises with a simple cardio routine on a daily/weekly basis.


Make Room For ‘Me Time’

Dubai Team Sports For 2018, UAE

We get it – it’s hard to stick to a plan every single day; that’s why you’ve got to pick a hobby that will both complement and inspire your fitness goals. Even if you draft a strict workout routine for the weekdays, you can leave the weekends for recreational activities. The key here is to create fun, adventurous pit stops on the way to becoming fit.


To Diet Or Not To Diet

Start Eating Healthily In 2018

As long as you’re not trying a new fad diet every week, we highly recommend abstaining from certain foods that will hamper all your hard work. Get on board with a friend or work colleague to keep your spirits up and leave the rest to cheat days (every now and then).


Go Carting!

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