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Joe Wicks: The Interview

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Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach was at this year’s instalment of SSS Fitness Fest, and what a following he has! Joe is well known as a nutrition coach and his Lean in 15 cooking series is flying off the shelves – comprising of a collection of simple healthy recipes that can be prepared in 15 minutes – perfect for those on the go and trying to squeeze a healthy eating nutrition plan into their busy schedules. Joe’s outlook on health and fitness is very simple; it’s all about energising the body with the right kinds of food and eating those foods at the right times to increase fat burning and energy generation.

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At SSS Fitness Fest, Joe spent the day doing a whole range of activities, mobbed at every moment by all his fitness fans. He began with a book signing at the Sun & Sand Sports stand, followed by a cooking demo of his Lean in 15 cooking series on the Main Stage as part of The Healthy Living Show, and he rounded off the day with his very own HIIT session, building up a huge buzz with the audience.

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We caught up with Joe Wicks to talk a little bit about what he is up to right now and what is coming up next for The Body Coach:

SSS: What’s been your highlight so far at SSS Fitness Fest?

Joe: For me the highlight of today would be doing that HIIT session; I didn’t think there would be that many people, and there were about 100 people and they all got involved, and in this heat! So I’ve got a lot of respect for anyone that trained. It’s been lovely meeting people, yeah, I loved it.

SSS: We know that you travel a lot, so tell us what your favourite cuisine is for your healthy eating series.

Joe: It’s very difficult while you’re travelling – eating out at restaurants, or on airplanes, but there’s always a healthy option. So, I will start out the day with a HIIT session in the hotel – in the gym or I’ll do it in my room. Then I go to the buffet and I avoid all the croissants and the chocolate and stuff; I go for eggs – some nice scrambled eggs or an omelette. There’s always a healthy option; I will have a steak, or some chicken, but my favourite meal of all time is a Thai Green Curry.

SSS: So we know that you eat healthily, but do you have a cheat day option, where you’re craving something and you just want to mix it up a little?

Joe: So yesterday I went to my first ever brunch in Dubai, and it was crazy. I had a roast dinner, I had chocolate fondant – everything – the chocolate fondue too. But my ultimate cheat meal is a Nando’s and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

SSS: What’s one golden piece of fitness advice that you would give someone who is starting their fitness routine, or just getting back into sports?

Joe: My top bit of advice for someone starting out is to start with small goals, daily goals or weekly goals, and just build up your fitness. Don’t go in too hard, and try and be a hero, you’ll get results – it’s just a case of being consistent, to keep going and be proud of yourself for getting started.

SSS: So tell us, what is next in line for Joe Wicks?

Joe: It’s been a crazy few weeks! I filmed my fitness DVD in Abu Dhabi about two weeks ago and that’s coming out on Boxing Day (December 26th), and my third book is out in the UK on 17th November.


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