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How To Do Calisthenics With Sun & Sand Sports

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For today’s How To video, we are focusing on Calisthenics, a form of fitness that relies on one’s body strength to achieve particular motor movements – namely pushing, pulling, lifting – essentially a body weight training exercise. Calisthenics exercises are intended to increase one’s body strength, overall fitness and flexibility through a series of movements, using body weight to provide the resistance.

Joined by instructor Nabeel Merchant and student Nesa Rassouli at Fit Inc gym, we learned some key Calisthenics moves, including pull ups, the head stand and the aptly named ‘skinning the cat’ move. Calisthenics is all about control and maintaining core strength, focus and engaging many different muscle groups in these precise movements. If you’re interested in learning some Calisthenics moves, watch the How To: Calisthenics video below:



Here’s a little recap of things you need to know:

Pull Ups:

Calisthenics in Dubai

1. Keep your core engaged.

2. Squeeze your scapula (shoulder blades) in as you lift your body up.

3. Use the band for assistance before you have built up strength to go without.


Skin the Cat:


1. Keep your core engaged.

2. Lift the body up, bending the knees in towards the body and roll them up over the head.

3. After you have rolled through, straighten the legs out.

4. Keep the grip as tight as possible, to avoid slipping.


Hand Stand:

Calisthenics 1

1. Keep the hands on the floor, fingers spaced apart for balance.

2. Kick the legs up and hold.

3. While practising this move, have your partner hold your legs while you find your balance and stability.


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