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#YogaOnline: Top 11 Yoga Instagrammers in Dubai

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Yoga might just be the region’s official recreational sport. Various events, meet-ups, studios and now Instagrammers are taking over to promote the mantra of coordinating the mind, body and soul as they take yoga online.

Check out our top 11 Dubai-based yogis who are rocking our Instagram feeds with incredible poses, inspirational quotes and the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.



If you’ve followed our Yoga For Beginners series, then you will know that Laura needs no introduction. Laura has travelled all across India to polish her skills and master the art of yoga. She is a certified Astanga Yoga Instructor who has devoted her life to continuously exploring, teaching and learning various aspects of yoga. Check out Laura’s instructional video here and follow the entire series on the Sun & Sand Sports blog.

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With a background as a national level swimmer in the UK, Jessica discovered yoga in her final year of university. What started out as a 10-minute workout soon became a passion and in the year 2014, Jessica embarked on the journey to share her knowledge and newfound mindfulness with bustling city-goers. Known for striking mind-bending poses, Jessica is now writing her very own eBook called #LetsStartYoga.

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3. @BeyondTheBowl_ByRiri

Rima Bazzi’s Beyond the Bowl profile gives us a closer look at holistic health and well-being by incorporating yoga’s key aspects of compassion, fulfillment, inner peace and spirituality. In her own words, it is her way of offering people the opportunity to find their true calling. A passionate yoga instructor, Bazzi is also a noted health coach and a full-time food blogger.

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A self-taught yogi, Megan Joy’s true goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams. Ever since yoga changed her perception of fitness and holistic health, Megan has devoted most of her time to sharing new-found knowledge, facts and her experiences through blog posts, videos and inspirational quotes.

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Born and raised in the cultural melting pot that is the UAE, Noura El-Imam transformed into a foodie, a yogi and eventually, into a successful Wellness Brand Ambassador. Founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, Noura also hosts various wellness sessions in and around the city in the hopes of encouraging residents and expats to break free from the concrete jungle.

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‘Adventure’ is Danielle Tierney Heron’s middle name. A certified children’s yoga teacher by profession, Dani starts her day by posting surreal headstands, shoulder stands, back bends and flawless splits so that you can be inspired to join the movement.

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Take one look at Layla Al Naif’s Instagram feed and you’ll be craving a pair of those funky, vibrant tights. A certified holistic nutritionist, Layla sparks an interest like no other by portraying yoga as an art form. Breathtaking views combined with fresh, out-of-the-box collaborations and swan-like poses are enough to get you inspired to get your very own gear.

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Sasha Quince is a proud mum and full-time Core Strength Vinyasa teacher. For her, yoga is not only a recreational sport, it’s a way of life. Her signature programmes include Core Strength Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Physical Education. When she’s not busy inspiring the world, she can be caught striking a pose in the outdoors.

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Starting up as a contemporary dancer and performer, Stephanie later realised that her true calling was to pursue yoga, both spiritually and physically. Now a full-time private yoga teacher, Stephanie is founder of Tranquility Yoga Dubai where she helps her students to achieve their yoga goals.

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Do it with passion or not at all!” says Marina as she introduces Parkour Yoga to the streets of Dubai. Addicted to fitness, Marina practices what she preaches by posting complex yoga poses and demonstrating her talent in a variety of Insta videos. Immersing herself into the world of yoga, Marina now teaches several classes and workshops to inspire women of all ages.

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What do you get when you combine yoga with hula hoops? Well, Ragini shows us how it’s done. A true pixie at heart, Ragini is a yoga and hoop dance teacher and an avid instagrammer of all things that bring her happiness, joy and inspiration.

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To unleash your inner yogi and get started on the mat, see our range of yoga apparel and be inspired to hop into those poses and get your mind, body and soul in sync as you follow the yoga online trend.


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