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Yoga for Beginners with Laura Farrier

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The practice of yoga can take on so many different forms and can be used to complement your lifestyle in lots of ways. You may be looking to build strength in particular areas of the body, or your focus might be to calm the mind, or to add a dynamic cardio element to your routine. Whatever your aim, the practice of yoga can be adopted to achieve your goal, or to help you get there – you just need to know how.

We paired up with Dubai-based yoga instructor Laura Farrier at the Surf House Dubai yoga studio and learned a few essential tips as Laura took us through a series of poses to show just how versatile yoga can be – with a focus on three elements: strength, cardio and relaxation. Check out the video below as Laura takes us through the moves, explaining each pose and its benefits on the body – which is perfect if you’re new to the yoga scene and is a great way to kick off our Yoga for Beginners series.*


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Chaturanga/ Plank

Yoga For Beginners

This pose strengthens the entire body as you bring a direct focus and awareness to your core, which helps to stabilise your spine as you lengthen through the entire body and maintain the plank position from head to toe.



Yoga For Beginners

The Dolphin pose works the upper back, creating stability in the shoulders and again draws awareness to the core as a central stabiliser.


Virabhadrasana/Warrior 3 flow

Yoga For Beginners

Warrior 3 flow is a controlled movement that strengthens the standing leg and the hip flexors in the lifted leg. The pose helps to lengthen the spine and engages the abdominals throughout for a steady, controlled movement.




Surya Namaskar A & B

Yoga For Beginners

This series of poses is an all-round workout that brings heat inside the body and seeks to balance strength with flexibility and the left side of the body with the right. It may look simple, but do not be deceived – maintaining full body control takes a lot of strength and the repetition of poses will make this more challenging which is what makes it a great cardio addition to your yoga routine.


3. Relaxation


Adho Mukha Svanasana/Downdog

Yoga For Beginners

This pose lengthens the spine and hamstrings for a really great stretch. It also opens the shoulders out, creating a sense of space and opening of the body, which is what makes it good for relaxation and de-stressing.


Balasana/Child’s pose

Yoga For Beginners

Child’s pose is such an important relaxation pose because it gives your body time to rest both during and after your session. It re-establishes the natural curvature of the spine, while releasing the lower back and calming the mind.


Sukasana/Seated pose

Yoga For Beginners

The seated pose promotes a better posture and alignment through the spine. It is a simple pose that allows for a closer concentration on the breath pattern, which is integral to the study of yoga as the breath pattern will control and aid you through the series of movements.


Savasana/Corpse pose

Yoga For Beginners

This is everybody’s favourite pose, to end an intense session because it encourages full body relaxation and it reduces any lactic acid build-up in the body, so that you reduce any muscle ache after your session.

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