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Top 4 Women’s Sports for the Summer

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By Sweta Bisht
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Women’s sports – our focus point for today, as football season takes the spotlight and everyone watches on to see how the championship unfolds. But maybe you’re not into the football thing, so we’ve compiled a list of equa­­lly fun sporty activities for the ladies who want to have a ball of a time. If you love your daily workouts, want to get that adrenaline pumping or simply want to have fun with fitness then our list of top 5 women’s sports is for you.


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The board, the boat and the company – these are three things needed for an adrenaline pumped wakeboarding session with your friends. Let’s do a little recap if you’re not familiar with Dubai’s trending women’s sports. Wakeboarding is a sport that requires a short wide board, core strength and if you’re dedicated enough, it will have you performing all sorts of stunts while being towed by a motor boat.

A great summer sport, wakeboarding is known to strengthen your arms and leg muscles. It improves your flexibility especially when you have to flex, resist and hold positions. Due to sudden changes in direction, the sport also sharpens your reflexes and improves versatility.

Have a read of our Top Wakeboarding Women feature and see who’s on our Dubai trend list this season.

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Not a fan of the heat? Then get your game on indoors. Referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs”, a quick session of kickboxing provides a power-packed core training session, increased reflexes and a whole lot of stress busting moves to knock your boredom out the window. MMA Boxing centres around the city hold various kickboxing classes that you can go to with your workout buddies, or try out solo.

Master the art of a jab-cross-hook, low kicks and elbow strikes, or go in straight for the knockout. Kickboxing in the summer is a true lifesaver for those addicted to cardio.

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Pilates is probably one of the most popular women’s sports after wakeboarding. Improve your posture, work on your core and get those washboard abs you’ve always dreamed of. Pilates is focused on the alignment of the body and getting your body working as it should – so it helps to ease out joints, aid more natural movement and build core strength which helps with everything that you do.

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While everyone is looking out for Cristiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney on the field, you can become the next Serena Williams with a great game of tennis. And with Wimbledon just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to prep and cheer for your superstars with a friendly courtside match.

Compared to traditional physical activities like running, swimming and cycling, tennis is probably the only women’s sport that guarantees quicker calorie burns – an hour of tennis can burn up to 600 calories! However, the beauty of the sport is that it challenges your mind and your body, and keeps you agile on your feet and fit all over.

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