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Top 5 Wakeboarding Women in the UAE

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By Sweta Bisht
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Wakeboarding – it’s a huge sport in the region and it’s becoming more and more popular with local sports enthusiasts and adventure junkies. Our weekend wakeboarders are responsible for jaw-dropping images of the beach, stellar waves and envious weekend adventures and they’re inspiring us to get on the bandwagon, or wakeboard.

Dubai’s never-ending love for the beach has sparked a unique surf-style culture that embraces everything that the sea has to offer – and wakeboarding is just one of those things.

Here’s a few of our favourite wakeboarding and wake surfing women from in and around the UAE region – check them out on Instagram.



Popularly known as Monky See Monky Do, Ghida Arnaout is an adventure, music and outdoor blogger. As a huge outdoor and adventure enthusiast, Ghida has shown us her wakeboarding skills down at the Dubai Creek, her sandboarding in the desert and rock climbing in the deep mountains of Fujairah. From handle pass inverts to spins and wake surfing, Ghida glides through the waves with a #WakerForLife attitude and a crazy lust for adventure.




A beach lover by nature, Amanda Rushforth does it all; from wake surfing sessions to wakeboarding on the Palm, Amanda lives to ride the waves. An avid traveller, aspiring yogi and a wakeboarding enthusiast, Amanda shares her passion for the sport by inspiring others to get up and get going.




Tanya Haroun and the ‘wanderlust’ concept go hand in hand. A traveller at heart, Tanya loves to ride her board at the Dubai Creek, jet ski at the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour and dune bash in Al Awir. Her Instagram feed is an expat’s guide to the city that never sleeps, perfect for people who crave action and adventure wherever they travel to.




Avid adventure seeker Laura Lai Coughlin hits the waves almost every weekend with her fellow sea lovers. Laura’s ‘born-to-wake’ attitude takes us through wakeboarding weekends, wake surfing lessons and various underwater adventures. Her wake mantra is ‘It’s all or nothing.’




Full-time weekend wakeboarder and part-time surf junkie, Izzy Abidi is a must follow for the early birds. Her love for the sea brings you to The Breakfast Club Dxb – a group of wakeboarders who take it to the sea every weekend. Open to all beach lovers, her Insta feed takes you through various wakeboarding and wake surfing techniques, shots of happy wakeboarders and the ever-growing wakeboarding society in the heart of the UAE.

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