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Top 4 Fitness Centres to Hit This Summer

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By Sweta Bisht
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Fitness is your best friend this summer – especially when football season is on and the die-hard football fans are catching every game that is happening. For those of you who aren’t quite so keen on the game, we’ve compiled a list of the best fitness centres across the city so that you can achieve your very own health goals this summer.


1. Archery Tag at Flip Out Dubai


Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t love trampolines? Located in quirky Al Quoz, this fitness centre is one of Dubai’s largest trampoline parks that paves the way for various indoor activities like trampoline volleyball, dodgeball, football, mini-foam pits and double-decker trampoline areas for kids. Flip Out has introduced Archery Tag, a game inspired by The Hunger Games.

A similar concept to dodgeball, the game is played with foam-tipped arrows and provides a safe zone so that kids and adults can defeat their opponents with a simple tag. Those looking for a fun time with their kids, or for a fun cardio workout with friends can hit the trampoline and get in shape. After all, 10 minutes on a trampoline equates to over 30 minutes of running.


2. Aquabiking at L’atelier AquaFitness


Summer is here people. And we’ve got no choice but to stay indoors. Yes, we love the beach, yes we love a great bronze tan but if you can squeeze aerobics, indoor spinning and a bit of pool action into one session at L’atelier AquaFitness, then why bother stepping out?

Located at Al Wasl, L’atelier AquaFitness introduces Aquabiking to the beach bums of Dubai. A 45-minute dynamic class, aquabiking provides participants with specially designed bikes and combines a high-intensity workout powered by music that pumps you up every time you hit the pedal.

Aquabiking is perfect for weight watchers. One class of aquabiking leaves you feeling invigorated, energised and stress-free. So get your swimming gear on and get ready for an underwater drive.


3. Indoor Triathlon Cycling at Bespoke Ride


Too hot to cycle outside?  Bespoke Ride has got that covered. Located in Al Quoz, Bespoke brings you unique training packages so that you can conquer your cycling goals or train for a triathlon. Backed by a team of keen cyclists, the studio addresses the needs of individual athletes and provides consistent supervision, updates and personalised training packages.

The indoor cycling studio reinvents the wheel by fusing various performance measuring equipment to monitor your results, day-to-day performance, specific metrics and accurate simulation with non-stop cardio and strength training.


4. Bounce Fit at Bounce ME


Did you know that the Bounce Fit exercise regime gained its inspiration from NASA’s very own rebound exercise? Pretty cool huh. Bounce FIT is a 60 minute supercharged free-jumping low-impact cardio workout that blasts your core, improves your heart rate and tones your muscles.

Designed to accentuate your posture, the fitness centre emphasises general muscle health and core strength. The low-impact workout releases endorphins and combats stress and anxiety like you wouldn’t believe. Put on your tights, trainers and tank top and head to Bounce today for a fun alternative-style workout.

Follow our content series this Ramadan and find out some of the coolest corners of the city for more of the latest fitness trends. If you’re a football fanatic, or know someone who is, then simply follow our Dominate Football campaign to join the football frenzy.




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