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TomTom: Empowering Innovation in Fitness

By Hussein Zohair
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

For those of you who might not be aware of the innovative genius that is TomTom, we’re here to bring you one step closer to a smarter, fitter world. Best known for its navigation and mapping products, TomTom has now stepped into the fitness watch industry.

Our latest range includes the TomTom Spark Music GPS Fitness Watch for men and women, and it really does let you have fun while you get fit. Cardio lovers and music lovers unite when it comes to keeping fit to the beat, with this water-resistant super watch. Designed with a built-in heart rate monitor, the watch allows you to store over 500 songs so that you can jam to your workout playlists whilst on the go.


The best part about the watch is that it can be used for absolutely any cardio-heavy sport. From swimming to indoor gymnastics, running on the tracks or running on the treadmill, freestyle or cycling – this watch will only enhance your performance with every step. Awarded Product of the Year 2016-2017 Performance by ISPO, this super watch provides a whole host of features including the 24/7 Activity Tracker that counts calories burned, number of steps taken while capturing live stats of all your active minutes. Its unique Heart-Rate Training Zones feature allows you to run in 5 different zones for better results, while the Goal Setting feature motivates you to reach your fitness goals by tracking your weekly/monthly progress.

The storage capacity is up to 3GB and the battery life lasts about 11 hours which gives you and the smart watch enough time to recharge. Needless to say, the watch also features built-in wireless sensors to track motion, beeps and vibrates for timely alerts and syncs to your smartphone through wireless Bluetooth®.


Moving on from fitness to adventure, the TomTom Bandit Camera (Bundle) is giving GoPro a run for its money. This adventure pack features various video options like slow motion, time lapse, night-lapse and various scene modes. The Bandit Bundle also brings an editing app for the action buffs and a remote control so that you can time your shots and angles. One of the most striking features is the built-in motion sensors that automatically identify when you’ve made a big move. So, whether you’re ski-diving, snowboarding, surfing or swimming in the deep blue sea, the TomTom Bandit Camera tracks G-force, speed, rotation, acceleration, altitude and more.

TomTom’s Bundle uses a Batt-Stick™ battery with an integrated USB and microSD card reader so that you can transfer files quickly and record your adventures cable-free. So if you love sports and want to track your journey in a variety of ways, then the TomTom range is perfect for you.



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