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5 Places To Go Hiking In The UAE

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We spoke to the guys over at OutdoorUAE magazine to get some expert tips on where to go hiking in the UAE. There’s a wide range of outdoor activities to choose from now that the climate has transitioned to the cooler season and it’s a great opportunity to get the family out for the weekend – exploring what the natural landscape has to offer. Here are 5 places that were recommended by OutdoorUAE magazine for your next hiking adventure:

1. Jebel Yibir 

Jebel Yibir


This hike is a long one and it’s definitely a good challenge to set for yourself. It does require some planning and advanced navigation in order to secure the route and navigate a series of tricky rock steps. Expect to be out all day with stops for water and lunch and come prepared as there are no shops on the trail. The hike begins near the military post at the top of the new super road; look over the wall and start heading down the steep slope before contouring around the hill. You must be in strong physical shape to complete this hike and do not attempt this route in the summer – despite being high up, it is still hot and you must take adequate water.

2. Hafeet from Mubazzarah 



This hike takes you to the beautiful area around Al Ain and up the slopes of Jebel Hafeet. The hike is relatively short and more of a moderate hike which takes about four hours to complete. Take in the natural landscape and revel in the views which open up to show the desert and the green oasis of Al Ain.

3. Khasab Headland 



This hike takes you to the beautiful area overlooking Khasab, Musandam in Oman — featuring the stunning headland towards the Peninsula. The hike begins with a 20-minute scramble to get up the initial slope but from then on you can take in the stunning coastal views as you walk, coming across a series of old villages along the way.

4. Fossil Rock

Fossil Rock

There are numerous routes up to the top of Fossil Rock and the plateau, surrounded by breath-taking views in all directions. There are no marked trails and the rocks are loose, so be sure to keep a safe distance from the ledge. The area is a popular site for off-roaders especially on the west side which has more dunes. During the winter months the area can get quite busy, so early morning is the best time to go for a hike.

5. Al Hayl Fort 

Al Hayl Fort

Al Hayl fort is easy to reach by car and a great place for short family hikes or walks. The fort is open to the public and there are several restored buildings which you can access and explore. If you want to go for a longer walk or a small hike, you can explore further to the wadis nearby, keeping in mind to respect the people living in the area.

Before you head out on your hiking adventure, you’ll need to get kitted out in all the right gear. A pair of hiking boots is a must: Columbia and Jack Wolfskin are the go-to brands for hiking boots, then there’s Keen for a more customisable outdoor footwear option, not forgetting Timberland for the lifestyle look – which brings an outdoor edge to your everyday style. For everything else, you should check out our Outdoor section, which covers everything from coats, to tents and solar-paneled chargers.

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