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SSS Green Tea Competition with Tribeca Health Supplements

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To all you fitness lovers and healthy living types, you will probably be aware of the benefits of green tea and its detoxing capabilities. The Sun & Sand Sports Green Tea Competition is giving five lucky people the chance to win a hamper of assorted Tribeca X50 Green Tea, which contains a combination of Vegan Organic Protein, Skinny Protein and an Instant Green Smoothie mix.


The Tribeca Health Supplements brand is known for its super quality, multi beneficial X50 Green Tea range. This category of green tea holds a huge amount of nutritional value, which benefits a wide range of bodily systems. Here are a few examples of the amazing benefits to expect from green tea:

Detoxing: Research shows that green tea helps the body to detox itself from harmful substances, with a particular focus on the liver. As green tea is the only beverage that consists of several antioxidant components, it supports the liver by increasing enzyme activity that drives the first two phases of its normal detoxification.

Fat Burning: Green tea increases the hormone levels that are responsible for breaking down fat content in cells, releasing the by-product into the bloodstream as a form of energy. This means that the green effect is even more powerful when exercising.

Stimulated Metabolism: If you ask any nutrition expert to advise on weight loss ideas, there is likely to be a natural remedy green tea component. Green tea is known to raise metabolism by up to 4% every day, so 3-5 cups of this wonder drink can help to burn about 70 calories, depending of course on the person and their level of activity.

Increased Energy: One of the magical powers of green tea is that its caffeine component provides a balanced boost of energy. It also helps with brainpower when it comes to focus and general functionality.

Enhanced Digestion: Green tea helps to regulate the digestive system as it reduces inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract. It is light on the stomach and there are loads of flavour options to choose from, so you can mix it up to suit your taste.


The Competition


Do you fancy winning yourself a box of X50 Green Tea? Well, all you have to do is state what you think the benefits of drinking green tea are, and post your comments on our Instagram or Facebook page and five lucky winners will then be chosen!

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