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SSS Fitness Fest: The 24-hour Challenge

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It’s less than a month away – SSS Fitness Fest will be taking place at SkyDive Dubai and is going to be a mammoth weekend of activity and exercise, and we can’t wait to get stuck in! In the run-up to the event, the SSS Fitness Fest team of ambassadors went to the Sun & Sand Sports flagship store at The Dubai Mall to choose their workout gear for the sports games challenge ahead. Choosing from a huge range of technology-packed pieces from world-renowned brands, the ambassadors were all set for the 24-hour challenge, which encompassed a wide range of fitness exercises in a battle of stamina, endurance and passion for all things fitness.


The 24-hour sports games challenge spanned a number of venues across the city, in a bid to showcase the widest variety of sports possible in this limited space of time. Fitness classes included: circuits, boot camp, belly dancing, CrossFit, running, yoga and much more. The variety of classes and different sports games was a great way to get everyone involved in everything – no matter what their strengths or weaknesses, every participant had to take part in every challenge, taking people out of their usual comfort zones and throwing them into the deep end.

As well as testing endurance and the will to win, the 24-hour sports games challenge showcased the activities that will be available to visitors attending the festival next month. Activities will be a mixture of beginner ‘Get Fit’ classes such as walking, swimming and cycling; intermediate ‘Be Fit’ circuits, running and boxing; and the more challenging ‘Stay Fit’ component of military fitness and more advanced exercises for those really wanting to push themselves.


As well as personal fitness goals, the 24-hour challenge was also about group fitness – particularly couples’ exercise, in a class with Ben Ouattara @ben_dubai82 and DinaTaji Al Farouki @dina_dubai84, the event’s fitness power couple. We loved their energy and their spirit as a team – it’s true that having a workout buddy can make a huge difference when it comes to exercise, because it provides motivation and a sense of responsibility to do your best and to encourage your partner.


The class stressed the importance of trust, and how you really need to be able to trust your workout buddy, as the pair embarked on various training exercises that relied heavily on one another for support and direction. The sets of exercises focused primarily on core, balance, stability and coordination with their partner. The participants continued the grueling 24-hour challenge well into the night, finishing up the next morning – showing everyone what they were made of as they proved that they would not be defeated.

Follow the SSS Fitness Fest ambassadors on Instagram to see how they fared over the 24-hour sports games challenge and how you can get motivated to challenge yourself over the next few weeks in the run-up to the biggest local fitness event of the year.


Tiffany Barrett @thatfit_journey

Marija Nikolic @marizanikolic

Olga Zolotova @olga_zolotova_no_limits

Omar Al Duri @omaralduri

Coach Mike @coachmikedubai

Nick Watson @tribewatson

Danil Bornventure @fittdanil

Sibbers @sibbers92


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