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How To Skateboard With Sun & Sand Sports

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We’ve covered quite a range of sports on the Sun & Sand Sports How To Series, and we thought it was time to learn How To Skateboard for the next instalment. Arta Afshar and Wathek Allal took us through the basics for the skate session, including standing on the board, pushing, and getting a bit of momentum going. Once we had the basics covered they moved on to teaching us a few tricks too. We learned how to ollie and how to do a noseslide – well, they showed us how it was done, but it will definitely take us a few practice goes to get these perfected.


The skateboarding scene in Dubai is a popular domain, and there are loads of places to practice – both indoor and out, so it’s a really accessible sport to take up, and once you’ve got your board, it’s up to you to get out there and hit the ramps. Or maybe start out on a flat surface while you find your balance, and then move on to the skate park – just make sure you’re always fully kitted out in protective gear while you’re learning! Just head to our Skateboarding pages and find what you need to keep you covered. Check out the video with Arta and Wathek for a few key skateboarding tips and tricks in our latest instructional video.

Here’s a little recap of the things you need to know:

1. Standing and pushing: Place your front foot on the top four bolts, and push forwards, as you bring your back foot onto the back four bolts of the board, and voila, you’re riding!

2. The ollie: Place your front foot in the middle of the board and your back foot at the edge of the tail. Then the movement sequence is: pop, flick and land.

3. The kick flip: This is similar to an ollie. You slide your front foot to the edge, but flick to the side instead of forward facing. The board (in theory) will then roll, instead of travelling upwards as in an ollie.

4. The noseslide: Ride towards the ledge at an angle and pop like an ollie. Hit the ledge, lean back and feel the momentum drive you through the slide.



Arta Wears




The board




Wathek Wears




The board



So you’ve got the tips and the look to get you started. Head to our online store at and check out all the episodes in the SSS How To series to see what else you can learn this week. Don’t forget to sign up to the Sun & Sand Sports newsletter by entering your email in the box below, for all the latest updates from the world of sport and fitness.

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