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Show Them You KSA – SSS Fitness Campaign 2020

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By SSS Team
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“You look ridiculous!”
“Cycling is for kids”.
“Why are you wasting your time?”
All of these and more were obstacles to the Saudi Fitness community. But that is changing.

Against all odds, fitness is now a growing movement in Saudi Arabia. We take it up a notch with the SSS fitness campaign 2020.

The Desire To Be Fit

Fitness is a necessary part of life! The human body inherently was never meant for a sedentary lifestyle.

Surely, everybody desires to live long for themselves or loved ones, achieve goals and feel full of energy. Many people dismiss the opportunity to even begin their fitness journey, just because of condescending words of people.

This desire has turned into a roaring movement, echoing off the fitness enthusiasts across the country.

The Voice of Fitness in KSA

The passion to stay fit is leading to a fitness revolution spearheaded by the sportsmen and sportswomen of Saudi Arabia.

These role models show what it’s like to do the right thing, despite the obstacles. They are inspiring many more to take up their favorite sport and practice it to heart’s content. They are fit, they are healthy, they are leaders, but most importantly – they are happy.

They have set out to accomplish their mission in the face of all odds, and they have our full support.

Show Them You 2020

Sun and Sand Sports has teamed up with these shining examples to inspire a generation to pursue their love for sports and fitness.

  1. Rasha AlKhamis – First certified female boxer by the Saudi Boxing Federation
  2. Haitham Ghazzaz – Boxing Trainer
  3. Faisal Al Asmar – Star Tri-athlete
  4. Sara Dulaijan – One of the first female Yogis in Saudi

Those were just few leaders we will be partnering with. Watch this space for exclusive interviews.

Workout challenges, marathons, fitness regimens; a lot of activities are in the works and will be rolled out during this campaign – all in accordance with Saudi Sports for All Federations

Make sure to check out our website and follow our social media pages for the latest information.

No more training in the shadows. Hop, step and jump in to the limelight. Break the stigma in society. Be a role model for people around you. Live a healthier, happier life.

Now is the time to show off your passion. Stand tall and….

Find your sport and get active.
Click through here for more details.


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