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Top 5 Scuba Diving Locations in the UAE

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Seeing the world is at the top of most people’s bucket lists, but most of us forget that there is a whole other world living and breathing under the sea. Scuba diving lets you experience that mesmerising life under the sea – unveiling the mysteries of the ocean as we dive deeper and deeper. Here are some of our top locations for scuba diving in the UAE.

Martini Rock, Fujairah

Scuba Diving

For those who don’t want to venture too far from the land, Martini Rock is a nice and easy site to scuba dive in – with its beautiful long whip corals providing a tranquil, swaying paradise for many shoals of fish. And if you happen to be an underwater photographer then you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful pictures you can capture in the shallower waters.

Inchcape 2, Fujairah

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be a magical experience in its own right, and when you combine it with a ship wreck dive then words simply aren’t enough to describe the feeling. Inchcape 2 is a haven for marine life, 28m below the surface. Due to the depth, only advanced divers are able to dive there with the bottom time limited to around 30 minutes. Inchcape 2 is home to eels, lionfish, nudibranchs, pipefish and barracuda – and they all take advantage of the shelter provided by the wreck.

Sir Abu Nu’air Island, Sharjah

Scuba Diving

Located 65km off the northern coast of the UAE, Sir Abu Nu’air is one of the UAE’s largest offshore islands with an area of nearly 10sq km. Virtually uninhabited, its coastline is fringed by beautiful beaches where green turtles nest. Surrounded by coral reefs, the island is an undiscovered haven for scuba divers. With a good visibility of 20+ metres, you can see a variety of marine life including lots of staghorn corals and smaller schooling fish, eagle rays, guitar sharks, turtles, cuttlefishes, crabs and dolphins.

Snoopy Island, Fujairah

Scuba Diving

Fujairah certainly comes off as the best emirate to scuba dive in and Snoopy Island is an idyllic dive site where you have the opportunity to see black tip reef sharks, turtles and sting-rays. The island is about 150-200m out to the sea – it’s a small island which you could walk to on a low-tide and is a nice and safe little place for newly licensed open water divers. So this is one for the beginners because it’s a great place to start.

Atlantis Scuba Dive, Dubai


And finally on the list we have a combination of different types of scuba dives under one roof. From Atlantis aquarium dives where you can swim alongside 65,000 incredible marine animals, to a dolphin scuba dive where you get the rare opportunity to swim and interact with dolphins underwater.

Before you head out on your scuba diving adventure, or any seaside adventure for that matter, be sure to get your swimming gear sorted and check out the range of swimming products online at Sun & Sand Sports.



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