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Just In: PUMA En Pointe Collection

By Karen Gregory
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

It’s official. Selena Gomez, the American “Wolves” Singer and Actress is now part of the PUMA family with the brand’s En Pointe collection. The new ballerina-inspired collection has just landed at Sun & Sand Sports and it offers just the kind of soft seasonal pink hues, and functional vibes all the Selena fans will be after as we jump into a fit February.

PUMA has teamed up with the New York City Ballet to find out what makes the world of athletic classical dancers tick, and how they keep going from rehearsal to performance without faltering.

As a celebrity in the spotlight herself, Gomez receives so much attention with the paparazzi, being on the go, on tour and interviewed around the clock. So just how does she do it?

Selena Gomez shows us in the PUMA En Pointe collection just what it takes to be “fashionable, functional and fearless” – just like her with her fast-paced lifestyle; nothing phases her.

We’ve got some great styles from performance leggings, jackets and gym gloves – and the products that really capture the En Pointe collection’s essence are the sleek and effortlessly luxurious PUMA Muse Satin En Pointe Training Shoe , and PUMA Phenom En Pointe Training Shoe.

PUMA Selena Gomez UAE

PUMA Selena Gomez Dubai

Nothing screams ballet-inspired beauty and performance like these shoes. The satin-like uppers embody the grace, charisma and charm of the ballet dancer, but the injection-moulded midsole, high-tops and adjustable straps really do represent the person who wears them. So buckle up, hold on, and get ready for a workout with a difference.

Want to look and feel en pointe when you hit the gym, or when you’re dressing for the athletic-chic style? Then check out the PUMA En Pointe Collection from Sun & Sand Sports today.





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