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Prepare For Ramadan With Sun & Sand Sports

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The month of Ramadan is nearly here, and we look forward to a magical month that brings people together, with a focus on family, friendships and community spirit. Though it may come easy to many, a little prep goes a long way to getting yourself ready for 30 days of fasting, so we’ve compiled a few health and fitness tips to ensure that you are ready to sail through the month of Ramadan when it arrives.


Starting off are a few health tips on the food to be eating to help you through your fast:

  • Reduce the intake of oil in your food as oily foods can be heavy on the stomach, making you feel lethargic throughout the day. Try switching from oily and fried foods to grilled foods instead.
  • Try consuming coconut water for Suhoor as it will help to maintain a high level of hydration in your body throughout the day – keeping you satiated for longer.
  • Opt for fruits rather than juices because they are rich in fibre. Consume fruits such as bananas, apples, strawberries, raspberries and oranges as they are rich in natural fibre which helps in maintaining bowel health and also controls your blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce the consumption of highly spicy or fatty foods, as they can lead to indigestion, which is never pleasant, and even less so when fasting. For similar reasons, avoid overeating and stay away from sugary carbonated drinks – instead replace these with water or natural juices, which contain a natural sugar content.
  • Finally, drink water often and regularly once you have broken your fast, since the only time you get to consume water is between Iftar and Suhoor.


Now let’s move on to fitness tips through sports and other activities:


A good way to maintain your general fitness levels during the month of Ramadan is to take part in a few different sports – take basketball for instance. Sports like basketball or football require a high level of energy and therefore provide an intense workout for the body, keeping you fit for the month of Ramadan. It’s advisable to continue playing these sports even as Ramadan continues, but save for after Iftar when you have replenished your energy levels with food and drink. With the Nike Air Max Infuriate Low Basketball Shoe for men, you can play all evening comfortably and be hungry again for Suhoor the next morning!


Another form of great mental and physical exercise for the whole body is through the practice of yoga. This is a lighter form of exercise that doesn’t put stress on the body, and allows you to find your Zen through the days of the fast, giving you a stronger sense of will-power and a calm and peaceful mind. Since it’s a lighter exercise, it can be performed even during the fast – try it out with the Under Armour Swift Strappy Studio Tank Top for women.


Aerobics and dance exercises such as Body Jam or Zumba improve the body’s cardiovascular endurance while also burning a lot of calories. Performing such exercises elevates the heart rate and body temperature, keeping you performing throughout the day with elevated levels of energy. Performing these exercises after Iftar is advised as these exercises put more demand on the body, and with the Nike Flex 7” Running Shorts for men, you’re set to breeze through them.


Similar to yoga, Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise and it allows you to build and maintain core strength that can push you through the day without feeling too much stress as you work out. This exercise can be performed during fasting hours but is best performed between Iftar and Suhoor, and with the Nike Pro Hypercool Printed Training Capri Leggings for women you can get the best out of your Pilates sessions.

We hope these health and fitness tips will help you with your fitness through the month of Ramadan, and you can check in to the Sun & Sand Sports blog for updates throughout Ramadan. Sign up to the newsletter to receive information and stories about the latest sportswear, trends and sports news from in and around the region.



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