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How To Golf With Sun & Sand Sports

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Nike Golf is the latest sportswear range to hit Sun & Sand Sports, and we thought we would show off the new collection in one of our How To episodes on the SSS Blog. So this week, we are learning How To Golf. We headed to the picturesque Arabian Ranches Golf Club for a session with golf instructor Adam Burwood and Amanda Rushforth as student for the morning.

Nike golf how to men

Golf is all about the precision and it’s so important to get the technique nailed, because misalignment will only lead to bad habits and a poor posture will set you up for potential injury in the long run. Adam taught us how to set ourselves up, from placing the equipment in the right place, to positioning our body correctly, and how to move into the swing. Then there was the gear – Adam and Amanda were kitted out in the latest apparel and footwear from Nike Golf, designed with high functionality and also style in mind. Golf is one of the those sports that favours the look, the golfing style, and hitting the green equipped with the latest technology and fabrication makes all the difference to overall performance. Watch the instructional video for all the tips you need to get started on the green.

Here’s a little recap of the things you need to know:

1. Holding the club: Ensure that you begin your session with your hands in the correct position, and test the alignment by removing the hands and then replacing them, to see where they naturally fall and how to correctly align them once more.

2. The setup position: Your feet should be a little wider than hip distance apart, with a slight bend in the knees, maintaining a straight spine throughout.

3. Practice the movement: Place the club horizontally across the body and form a V shape with your arms over the club, holding it against your sternum. Back up into your setup position. Turn the shoulder, bringing it down below the chin as your bring your body through a diagonal movement. This is the movement you will need to practice for your swing.

4. The lower half: As you swing the torso, you will then bring your knee through to meet the opposite knee, landing on the toe as you swing the body round.

Nike golf how to women

Adam Wears

Nike golf how to uae

Nike golf how to dubai

Nike golf how to abudhabi


Nike golf dubai

Nike golf abudhabi


Amanda Wears

Nike golf uae

Nike golf dubai abudhabi

Nike golf abu dhabi dubai


Nike golf abudhabi dubai

Nike golf dubai glove


So we’ve given you all the tips to get you started, now you just need to find your Nike Golf look from the range at You can check out all the episodes in the SSS How To series to see what else you can learn this week. Don’t forget to sign up to the Sun & Sand Sports newsletter by entering your email in the box below, for all the latest updates from the world of sport and fitness.

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