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Hiking for Beginners in UAE: Essential Tips

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By SSS Team
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Waking up to late sunrises and those occasional foggy mornings with a hint of mustiness in the air can only mean one thing. The summer’s scorching temperatures are behind us and it’s finally time to enjoy fall’s cool, crisp air.

Make the most use of UAE winters this year by exploring the outdoor scene. The dip in temperature is perfect to start planning your first hike of the year. Hiking in the fresh air will definitely breathe some new life into your usual routine.

Beginners Hiking in UAE

Hiking for beginners can be intimidating, but there’s really not much to it. You don’t need any special skills to hike. Besides, hiking is a great way to immerse yourself in nature, get a good workout in, and recharge your batteries. It not only gets your heart rate up and works many muscles, but also helps to reduce stress. If you’re new to the hiking scene, we’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks to make your hike safe and fun.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t hike alone. Ask your friends or family to tag along and inform others about where you’ll be hiking for safety reasons. Or better yet, find a group or club you can go with. It’s definitely a fun way to meet new people.
  • Pick a trail that is in line with your current fitness level. If you pick a trail that is way above your pay grade, you won’t enjoy it and might never hike again. You can check websites such as Wikiloc for list of trails and their details.  
  • Wear light, comfortable hiking clothing and shoes. Skip cotton and opt for synthetics to keep you dry.
  • Consider hiking poles to reduce stress on knees and thighs.
  • Carry all essentials, especially first-aid kit, power bank and GPS.
  • Take short breaks every hour and stay hydrated. Carry at least 2 litres of water and some snacks, especially high-carb food for energy. You can carry nuts & seeds, fruits, eggs, etc.
  • Don’t push yourself over the limit. If you’re a first-timer, keep your trip short and don’t stay on a trail that’s too difficult for you
  • Be mindful of the environment and don’t litter or disturb the environment around you (breaking branches, etc.).

The SSS content team explored the Hatta Wadi Hub hiking trail recently. Surrounded by Hajar mountains, Hatta is one of the perfect spots for hiking. The route spans around 30KM and is colour-coded by difficulty, offering something for runners and walkers of all abilities. You can book a hiking experience at the Hatta Wadi Hub or just explore on your own. We hiked all the way up to the famous Hatta sign. For my second hike in the UAE, the trail was not very difficult for me. With an average pace and few breaks, the trail is definitely recommended for beginners. Since we hiked with a large group, it took us approx. 3 hours to reach the top, with some hydration breaks in between.

Beginners Hiking in UAE

You can also relax by the Instagrammable Hatta Dam, which has some stunning vantage points. Or camp overnight at the lodges, trailers or luxury glamping resorts if you decide to make a weekend staycation of it.

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