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Get your fitness gear ready. The highly anticipated Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30 is right around the corner! And we are pumped for it!

An exemplary move by H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to establish city-wide involvement, this year’s fitness revolution aims to be BIG. Expect fitness camps, community-led events and free-classes – activities designed to push the UAE populace to burn those calories.

A Fitness Revolution

The UAE has seen a recent rise in obesity over the past decades. Notably during the pandemic when we were all locked in with our favourite snacks. There has been a steady rise in obesity in the past decade by at least 2.5% every year.

With numbers only predicted to increase, the DFC 30×30 was organized to curb the very same. DFC 30×30 serves a dual purpose:

  1. Collective inspiration: Humans are social beings. We are inspired and motivated by each other. For some, starting on their fitness journey might seem like a daunting task. But when spurred on by a group, it allows them to opt for activities they normally wouldn’t have agreed to. This evident in the rising numbers of participants for these events
  2. Better fitness levels on city-wide scale: Currently, around 70% of males and 64% of females in in the UAE are overweight, out of which 25% and 30% are obese respectively. Approximately 40% of the children in the UAE are overweight, out which 12% are considered obese. This is mainly due to a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, prevalent in modern day cities.

Better sleep, more energy, strength, better skin, longevity, improved performance; the benefits are by the TONS. All of the above with just a small investment of 30 minutes a day.

The City Is Your Gym

Between 29 October – 27 November, witness the city transform into a bustling gymnasium with activities that cater to almost all sports. D3, Kite Beach, Meydan road, Shaikh Zayed road, Hatta even the EXPO 2020 all host fitness events under this banner. No matter your fitness level, there’s something for everyone. What’s more? You can participate in most of these for FREE.

The stand-out events out of all these are the Dubai Ride and Dubai Run.
Dubai Ride returns for another landmark event on Sheikh Zayed Road. It features a 14 km loop for the ones in for the long ride and a 4 km route so you can even get the family involved. If biking is your thing, mark your calendar for November 5.

Dubai Run too is a similar event with 10 km and 5 km route options, scheduled for the 26th of November. Most of the events require registration to participate so head over to their website. You can check out the list of activities here.

Want to compete with your friend circle? Get on the app and register your squad. An in-built leaderboard allows you to compete for the most steps, distance covered, calories burnt, etc. All in the name of healthy competition.

30 minutes. 30 days. So many options. See you on day 1 partner.
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