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Desert Yoga with SSS, Guava Pass and Inspire Yoga

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Out of the bustling city and into serene nature surroundings, 100 yogis descended upon the desert sands of Al Qudra, Marmoom Reserve, on Saturday, 24th March for an evening of reconnecting and meditation with their inner selves and the yoga community around them at the Live Awake ‘Reconnect With Happiness’ Retreat.

Yoga is all about relaxation, breathing and stretching and there was certainly a yoga vibe at the yoga retreat, which brought together SSS, Guava Pass and Inspire Yoga followers. Key influencers also joined in the yoga retreat to lead sessions for yogis who were ready to enjoy a journey for several hours of harmonising body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Pose UAE

Here is Farah (@itsfaroo7a) in full swing with a balance partner, wearing the adidas FreeLift Graphic T-Shirt and adidas Ultimate HighRise Embossed Leggings.

adidas top Dubai

adidas leggings Dubai

Hip Opening

Yoga Retreat SSS Yoga Inspire Guava Pass

Comfortable capris and breathable tops at the ready, this exercise marked a beginning of allowing access to freedom in an emotional, physical and spiritual way. Relaxing hip exercises allowed everyone at Marmoom Reserve to release the feeling of being ‘attached’ to the busy, hectic lifestyle and ‘let go’.

Chakra Sound Healing

Laura Mccone

Nothing but the breeze came in between this calm moment of meditation where everyone had the opportunity to re-balance their connections in their lives such as family, passions and health while listening to calming sounds.

Here is influencer Laura (@laura_mccone) wearing the Under Armour Vivid KeyHole Back Tank Top and Under Armour Play Up Twist Capri Pants.

Under Armour Tank Top Dubai

Under Armour Capri Dubai

Reaffirmation Of Self Wisdom

Meditation UAE

The conclusion of the yoga retreat, just as the sun set over the golden dunes, was each person acknowledging their ability to control happiness and heal themselves by tapping into their innate wisdom.

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