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Boxing with Arifa Bseiso and Nike Training Club

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Boxing was the theme and women were in the spotlight, as the Nike Women ‘What Will They Say About You?’ campaign continued. Jordanian boxer, Arifa Bseiso led the Nike Training Club session with Nike Trainer Jade Palmer, as they took a 50-strong female crowd through their paces in a training session incorporating boxing, cardio and high intensity training moves. This all took place on the helipad of the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel, overlooking the incredible Dubai skyline – I could certainly think of worse ways to spend a Saturday morning.

Arifa Bseiso

In an interview with Arifa, we talked all things boxing, training and personal motivation, and this wasn’t just about the boxing, it was very much about every participant finding their own sports passion and making it work for them. “If I can do it, you can do it,” Arifa said, and the message that she wants to communicate as part of this campaign is that “it’s never too late to find out what you’re truly capable of – find your boxing and let it transform you.”

The training session was attended by a range of women from different backgrounds with a varied level of fitness capabilities, tying in perfectly with Nike’s overall sentiment and motivation: “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Arifa shares the same sentiment, talking about the inclusivity of sport and fitness – that it really doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, what background you come from, whether you’ve been training for years or if you’re a total newbie. Don’t wait to lose weight or whatever the excuse may be, because the time is now, and that is the whole point of training and getting fit – there will always be reasons to put off a training session, so decide today which sport you want to pursue and find a way to stick to it. The message is also to choose something that you love to do, something that doesn’t feel like hard work, and make it part of your daily routine. The great thing about doing exercise is that it gives you that natural release of endorphins – providing your body with an immediate surge of energy, and when coupled with an activity that you really enjoy doing, the satisfaction factor will just fly off the chart.


Then we got down to the gear, and the importance of having the right apparel and footwear to train in, and Arifa agreed wholeheartedly – nobody wants to be adjusting their sports bra, or feeling uncomfortable because something is ill-fitting. The way to compete and compete well, is to be totally focused on what you are doing – whether that be boxing, or yoga, Pilates, or Muay Thai, so you need to be able to concentrate on your game, not on your gear. And that’s where Sun & Sand Sports comes in, because we have the latest range of sports apparel from Nike and a whole host of other brands for that matter, all available at You can get the look inspired by Arifa’s gear at the Nike Training Club session, or you can start from scratch and build your own look by choosing from our latest selection of sports gear.

Arifa Bseiso

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