Sporting Life | 27/02/2024

Sole Stories: Highschool Nostalgia

By Ummehani Mustafa
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

There’s something magical about the school years that sticks with us long into adulthood. It’s not just the lessons learned from textbooks but the countless experiences that shaped us. In this journey, certain brands become more than just a part of our wardrobe; they become companions in our stories of growth and discovery. PUMA is one such constant for many, weaving its way into the fabric of our school day memories.

The hallways were more than just corridors; they were racetracks, stages and sometimes, battlegrounds of wit. Running to catch up with your best friend, you shared secrets, dreams, and plans for the weekend. With every sprint and every stealthy maneuver to avoid getting caught by the teachers, your PUMA shoes were there, reliable and ready for action.

Being part of the PUMA squad isn’t just about sporting a brand; it is about embracing an identity. Take a trip down memory lane, checkout the Sun & Sand Sports PUMA edit. 

PUMA Men’s RS-X Geek

Enter the era of geek chic. Designed for those who appreciate the details, its chunky, cushioned build delivers both standout style and supreme comfort.

Price: AED 569.00

PUMA Women’s Trinity

Embrace a futuristic vibe! This shoe’s eye-catching aesthetics & supportive build propel you forward in both style and performance.

Price: AED 449.00

PUMA Women’s Karmen Rebelle

Edgy design meets everyday comfort. With its bold silhouette and plush insole, it’s a statement shoe that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Price: AED 399.00

PUMA Kids’ Future Rider Cosmic

Ride into the future with a cosmic twist on a classic design. Its lightweight cushioning & vibrant colors make it a fun choice for active youngsters.

Price: AED 369.00

PUMA Kids’ Smash 3.0 Jr

A modern twist on classic court style with its clean lines and comfortable fit. Ideal for active kids, offering both durability and a fashionable look.

Price: AED 229.00 AED 169.00


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