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5 Sporty Hobbies To Keep You Active

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Since the first athletes learned how to tie their shoelaces, sports have always been looked at as competition. One athlete taking on another, one team versus the other. And for most part, it’s been working out pretty well. But not all of us want to be in a contest. Some of us actually just want to play by our own rules and have some fun, not worrying about things like scores and trophies. Besides, having a sporty hobby gets you active and moving, which go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy.

Here are 5 sporty hobbies that you can add to your daily routine.


5 Sporty Hobbies To Keep You Active

Skateboarding and longboarding are surprisingly easy to pick up as activities. While skateboarding may seem tricky at the start, once you find your natural state of balance and learn the basics of cruising, turning and stopping, pretty soon you will be gliding the streets everywhere. Once you master the basics, you can gradually advance to learning tricks and transitions. A great way to get some board time into your daily routine is by skateboarding on the way to school or to work and back. It will get your heart pumping, save up cab fare on short distances and make you look like the coolest member of your squad. To get you started, here’s a Sun & Sand Sports guide on how to skateboard. A good skate sesh starts with a solid skateboard, and the Krooked Right Hook Complete Skateboard is the perfect ride for you to find your balance. Ideal for skaters of every skill level, it features a 7 ply maple wood, 7.7” width deck. The board has plenty of pop and comes with factory pre-assembled anchor trucks, 52mm Krooked wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape.



Sporty Hobbies To Keep You Active

A close cousin to skateboarding, roller blading is just as fun and easy to pick up. Evolving from the popular roller skates, rollerblades are a lot sleeker and well balanced as inline skates give you a solid sense of grounding. Once you get rolling, it’s all about speed and finding your fastest drift. Rollerblading would be a perfect addition to your daily routine for commuting short distances and getting around the neighbourhood. Once you feel confident riding, you can either hit the ramps or take to the streets. In either situation, you will need to stay safe. Protect your knees as you blaze on your rollerblades with the Sector 9 Momentum Knee Slide Pads. Built with an ultra-high strength ballistic nylon, its dual density interior form provides cushioning. A seamless hinge enables mobility as the double stitching enhances durability. Thick replaceable caps add to its overall safety.


Water Sports

Sporty Hobbies

Possibly the most fun range of activities on this list, water sports are a great way to spend time unwinding or having a splash with your friends. Head to the pool or hit the beach, because all you need is our swimming gear to hit the water. Throw in a beach ball, and you have an instant pool party, or you can relax by just floating around. Whether you’re a pro swimmer or someone who’s just learning basic strokes, water sports make for a great weekend activity. Keeping your eyes safe underwater are the Arena Nimesis Crystal Medium Swim Goggles, featuring with large soft lenses designed for wide vision and advanced anti-fog technology. The liquid silicone straps and seals provide comfort and durability, while a wide split strap distributes pressure evenly. A self-adjusting nose bridge adapts to your face for a perfect fit.




Parkour is not for the fainthearted – it certainly takes a bit of skill, some athleticism and a lot of practice. Leaping over roofs and across stairways like some of your favourite superheroes, Parkour will need you to be agile and sure-footed, strong and quick. Almost an art form performed by those on the bleeding edge of cool, Parkour literally gives you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the city, as you discover new vantage points and spots to conquer. Parkour is a spectacular way to reclaim your city, exploring it from its dizzying heights to its hidden depths. Fire up your Parkour adventures with our SSS How To Do Parkour guide. Adding power to your run and leaps is the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 Running Shoe. It features a Nike Flyknit fabric upper with a sock-like fit that flexes with every movement. Flywire cables integrate with the laces for a lockdown fit, while perforations in the forefoot provide breathability. Its Lunarlon cushioning absorbs impact and delivers smooth heel-to-toe transitions. Raised rubber in the outsole cushions landing and absorbs impact based on pressure points of the runner’s foot in motion.



Sporty Activities

Once you’re done exploring the city, get out of urban landscapes and into the great outdoors. Hiking is an amazing way to take in the wilderness and learn about our place as a species in nature’s grand circle of life. It makes for an enlightening way for young ones to experience the mysteries and wonders of our planet, while also creating the perfect way to bond as a group. Pitching tents together and sharing stories by the campfire help in creating a sense of community, imparting essential skills that help in surviving the outdoors while also building character and curiosity. Trek through riverbeds and valleys, over hills and across deserts and choose the Columbia Firecamp™ Boot Hiking Shoes. The Cordura textile upper with semi-sealed construction incorporates Omni-Tech™ technology for a solid combination of breathability with waterproofing. The Techlite™ lightweight midsole keeps you comfortable while providing cushioning and high-energy return. The outsole incorporates an Omni-Grip™ non-marking traction rubber for a confident multi-surface grip.


Competitive or laidback, there are plenty of sporty activities for everyone who’s fond of being active and outdoors. To be at your best, make sure you have a balanced diet, practice the skills you need as often as you can, and remember to not get caught up in the seriousness of it all. Play it cool and have fun doing what you love. For more thrilling ideas, take a look at our entire  range of sports and sporty activities online at Sun & Sand Sports.




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