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10 Ways to Improve Physical Fitness

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Let’s face it – you’re no superhuman. You probably don’t spring out of bed at 5am and run 5 miles every single day. You’re just like any other person trying to lose weight fast, attempting to revamp your physical fitness schedule, and looking for ways to stay motivated to keep fit. There’s always room for potential obstacles to your fitness routine, which is why we have compiled the top 10 ways to stay motivated so that you don’t bow-out from your workout.

1. Dessert Detox

essert Detox

This is one of our top weight loss tips. Your environment should be a reflection of your healthy lifestyle. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid cheating on your diet is by performing a complete dessert detox at home. Emptying out ice cream tubs, chocolate bars or other fatty foods not only keeps your cravings at bay but also motivates you to eat healthier. Stock up your fridge with healthy, prepped foods and fruits to keep you energised.

2. Find Your Fitness Buddy

Fit Buddy

Some people find themselves getting more dedicated to their daily workout or fitness routines when they have a friend who shares the same fitness goals. If you find yourself getting bored or trying too hard to keep up with your workouts, then it’s best for you to join a fitness group or find a workout buddy so that you can improve your current fitness level by working out as a team. Chart out your monthly goals together and make a weekly schedule. Remember, you’re not alone.

3. Retail Therapy

For those that want to stick to their afternoon quinoa salad and evening cardio session, retail therapy can be a very effective way of staying motivated. Shopping for new workout gear will refresh both your look and your outlook for that matter, keeping your spirits high and helping you to look forward to your workout sessions.

4. Training Day

Training Day

It’s a fact: you will only get fitter if you stick to your workout schedule. However, working out every single day will tire you out in no time. To stick to your plan, make sure that you pick one or two days out of the week for an intense back-to-back workout and follow this up with relatively moderate workouts such as yoga, Pilates and swimming.

5. Fitness Hacks

Fitness Hacks

Here’s another weight loss tip – the Fitness Hack concept. Hacks don’t make working out easier, they just make it more fun. Try out these simple hacks to spice up your schedule:

  • Change your daily commute. Walking and cycling will help you to burn those calories.
  • Mini workouts. While watching your favourite TV show, squeeze in 20 crunches during the commercial breaks.
  • Chorus cardio. Charge up and run at full speed when your fitness tracks hit the chorus to incorporate an interval-style training session into your routine.

6. Treat Yo’ Self!

Treat Yourself

Any victory is a great victory especially when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating. Make attainable goals like burning a set number of calories each week, eating a set number of protein-rich foods, or losing a particular amount of weight by the end of the month. Once you’ve unlocked your goal treat yourself to home-cooked meals, a spa treatment, pedicures, or simply shop for your workout wardrobe.

7. Mix Things Up

Mix Things Up

Monotony is the reason why most working men and women fall out of their fitness schedules. It’s always better to combine your training sessions with various exercises so that you don’t get bored of working out. Try mixing cardio with strength training or core workouts with yoga for example.

8. Share your Fitness Goals

Share your Fitness Goals

Think about it, we Instagram almost everything that we eat, we share our daily updates and we tweet away our opinions, so why can’t we share our fitness progress with the world? Motivation in the form of Likes, Favourites or Retweets not only boosts your morale but also keeps you motivated to break your own records. Many fitness apps regulate your workout in real time and allow you to share your fitness goals with your friends so that you can encourage them to become healthier, to stay fit and strong, just like you.

9. Make a Record

Make a Record

According to certified trainer Stacy Berman, “Fitness is more like a marathon than a sprint.” Making note of all your accomplishments will make you feel like you’re close to the finish line. By setting weekly or monthly goals you are able to track your progress and make note of every accomplishment so that you can assess yourself and reach your ultimate goal.

10. Find a balance

Find a balance

In a nutshell, fitness is all about balancing different workouts and stringing them together to benefit your body in various ways. The key here is to look at fitness and health holistically. Try something new, change your eating habits, maybe try a healthy nutrition plan, or focus on increasing your range of motion rather than increasing weights. Bringing balance to the way that you approach every aspect of physical fitness will eventually become your mantra to a fitter, healthier you. See our training page for the latest range of exercise apparel, take the yoga approach for a more rounded workout routine, or get your running gear ready — and all at the click of a button from Sun & Sand Sports online.





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