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The pandemic has changed the conversation around fitness. With quick fixes becoming outdated and long term, sustainable fitness plans taking the stage, exercise has become so much more than just aesthetic goals. It’s the beginning of a new year and the best time to put that fitness gear to good use and become the fittest version of yourself.

Here are some forecasted fitness trends for 2022 to get you started.


Low-impact exercises are a rising trend in 2022 as there is a shift towards sustainable and consistent fitness routines. Indoor rowing, yoga, Pilates, and brisk walking are some forms of low-intensity exercises that are highly beneficial for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. These fitness routines also prove to be very relaxing as they do not include very strenuous activity and are not harsh on your body. For instance, indoor rowing serves as a great warm-up, adds variation to your workout routine and once a comfortable rhythm is created you can close your eyes and zone out.


This leading TikTok trend is lauded not only due to its nostalgic appeal but also for its core strengthening and cardio benefits. While it is a fun way to exercise, using a weighted hula hoop adds added resistance making it more intense. It engages your core and strengthens your muscles while increasing your heart rate for increased cardio endurance. You can start with using a normal, lighter hoop in the beginning and work your way up to a weighted version to provide more resistance to the body. TikTok users continue to prove that it is a much more versatile equipment than you think, by incorporating squats, jumps and other elements to the traditional hip movement. 


While speaking of leading fitness trends, one cannot forget to mention the wearable tech devices that now attract everyone from fitness professionals to fitness enthusiasts. With rising demand for fitness trackers like fit-bits and smart watches, there is a diverse selection to choose from. Along with the conventional fitness metrics like heart rate, body temperature, oxygen levels, these devices also have features that help track stress levels, sleep levels and quality, calories and a lot more. With sport specific fitness trackers also available, you can now find one that is best suited to your lifestyle.


Having to deal with stress, anxiety, grief and uncertainty of the future during the pandemic has made mental health a key focus. Holistic fitness practices that keep both mind and body healthy continue to trend as we enter this new year. Practices like yoga, tai-chi and meditation help in reducing stress, anxiety and dealing with the havoc and chaos of the outside world.


The pandemic had accelerated a massive shift to home gyms and closed spaces for working out but after multiple lockdowns people are now more inclined than ever to enjoy exercising outdoors and get the mental and physical health benefits of being out in nature. Outdoor fitness routines like running, hiking, walking, and cycling are becoming more popular as they help break the monotony of workouts and make exercising more fun. You get to pick your own adventure and meet new people all while getting fitter.

This year brings renewed hope making it the right time to smash those fitness goals! No matter which trend you adopt, the key to being healthy is finding an activity or routine that you enjoy. #FuntotheFinish

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