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Top 5 Fitness Apps for 2016

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These are tech-heavy times and we are (for the most part) a tech-savvy audience. So why not put those smartphones to use and download the best fitness apps on the market – to stay on track of your exercise at every step of the way. Take a look at the top 5 fitness apps that we recommend for 2016 and download them on your phone today.


1. RunKeeper


The RunKeeper app will track the whole lot: your speed, distance, and whatever activity you’re practicing – whether you’re cycling, skateboarding, or running. All of this is done in real time, so you’ll be able to track your sessions as you go. The GPS functionality is a great tool and provides you with really precise results. Once you’ve finished your workout, you’ll be able to share those results with friends on social media which is great motivation for fellow gym buddies, and adds a friendly competitive edge too.


2. Nike + Training Club

Nike + Training Club

If you’re looking for a fitness app to match your workout needs, then the Nike + Training Club app is well worth a click. Whatever level you’re at, you will find exercises to suit you. Try to increase your goal every week, and you’ll start to notice an improvement as your fitness progresses. If you’re not sure how it’s done you can simply follow the videos provided and they will take you through each exercise step by step. 100 workouts are available on the app, from beginner level to advanced. For us, this is definitely one of the most motivating fitness applications that you will find on the market today.


3. MyFitnessPal


To get the most out of your fitness plan it’s important to track your health too. This includes your daily nutrition and calorie intake which will help you to understand the importance of your combined nutrition and fitness effort. In order to take your training to the next level, you will need to regulate your diet and maintain an even intake of all food groups. With the help of the MyFitnessPal app, you will know how much food you need for a regular day with and without training involved. It’s all about moderation and working out how your food fuels your workouts. Be intelligent about your exercise with MyFitnessPal.


4. Pedometer++


Walking is such a simple exercise, and yet so many of us are doing it less and less these days. It’s important to cover a few thousand steps every single day in order to maintain a healthy base level of movement and it’s interesting to see how many steps we take (or don’t take) without even realising. Download the Pedometer++ to keep track of the number of steps that you take on a daily basis. Simply leave the app on and check the results at the end of the day to see if you reach your minimum requirement. If not, try to adapt your days and walk a little bit more; leave your car at home, take the stairs rather than the lift and make that extra effort to add more steps to your day.


5. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

It can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation you need to hit the running track, even more so if you go for an early morning run or head out late evening after work. If you need a little boost, the Charity Miles app is a great way to give you that extra push. Supporting your every step and every kilometer that you run, the application will donate an amount of money to a charity of your choice as you complete your goals. The amount will be agreed in advance so you are well aware of the transaction. So while running and keeping in shape, you will also be doing a good deed at the same time.

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