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Think It. See It. Do It With GoPro HERO4

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By SSS Team
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Every once in a while, we long to embark on an adventure – an adrenaline-fueled, power-pumped challenge we can re live over and over again. Enter GoPro with the world’s most versatile cameras. Capture and share your most meaningful memories with others to celebrate your achievements and re live them together with a camera that you can trust.

To ensure you benefit from your expeditions with some awesome video footage, we recommend the Emmy Award-winning GoPro HERO4 . Double down on the immersive fun with the HERO4’s powerful processor, faster video frame rates and image quality that is sharper, richer and more detailed. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to use your phone or tablet as a live video remote via the GoPro and can also upload your video and photo content to your online accounts to share your experiences with friends.

The GoPro HERO4 redefines adventure with its dynamic features and picture quality. You may be a vacationer who wants to create the perfect holiday video montage; allow us to appeal to the adrenaline junkie in you, who can use the HERO4 with all its attachments to record the finest details of their adventures seamlessly. Here are some activities you can capture with your newfound gadget, whether you’re alone or with a group of fellow thrill-seekers.


Skateboarding: From 360 flips to 50-50 grinds, GoPro is your buddy to capture all your skateboarding madness. Test out the HERO4 at your favourite skateboarding hangout today.

Scuba Diving: Shoot stunning quality footage of dolphins and vibrant marine creatures as you dive to the depths of the sea at local dive spots with the waterproof HERO4.

Wakeboarding: Take the perfect video of your tricks and spins as your wakeboard using the GoPro HERO4, and with the HiLight Tag, mark key moments while recording to easily locate your best clips for a fun video compilation.

Karting: Capture those not to be missed moments with the HERO4’s 12MP burst photo capabilities. At an impressive 30 frames per second, your trip to Dubai Autodrome will be totally worth it!

Skydiving: Whether its diving out in the open at Skydive Dubai or an indoor experience like the iFly, the HERO4 is equipped with Protune, which enables you to get more dynamic images from your camera and improve the quality of your final edit. Get ready for an adventure with GoPro!


Twice the processor speed, twice the performance and powerful photo capture during the day and at night – what’s not to love about the GoPro HERO4? Shop online for yours today and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our range of products, exciting collaborations and the latest trends in sports fashion.






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