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Talking Music and Sport with Izzy Abidi

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Music and sport – they go hand in hand; whenever we work out, we listen to music – it gives us that motivation, that drive and that all-important beat to guide us. There’s an inextricable link between the two and we want to talk more about it here on the Sun & Sand Sports Blog. So we caught up with local music guru and Freshly Ground Sounds Founder, Izzy Abidi, to talk more about why music and sport go so well together for a whole variety of different activities.

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Izzy talks us through her experience with Freshly Ground Sounds, building a community around music with local artists in the region, and how this has evolved over the years to become a highly recognisable brand with a successful series of events. It’s about creating an anthem, and that is what sport is all about – creating a team and an anthem that generates a sense of togetherness, community and team spirit, which is exactly what Sun & Sand Sports fosters at the core of its being. This is about the people behind the sports, and how they take what they do to a personal level, including the challenges they face and how they get out there time and time again to succeed at what they do, inspiring others to do the same, and to the best that they can be.

Watch the interview with Izzy as she puts her own spin on music and sport, and what the two mean to her more personally, and to the local community of sports lovers and music enthusiasts alike.

Shout out to: Mango Jam StudioSea Riders UAE.

Music by: Kudos By Proxy.

So next time you hit the treadmill, or you head out for a hike, or whatever it is that you do to keep active, think about the music that you choose to listen to and how it makes you feel, how it makes you move – putting those beats beneath your feet, as you turn music into action. It’s always a good idea to create different playlists of exercise music for the different sports that you do – whether that’s running, yoga, or training at the gym, because it sets you up for success, knowing how your body will react to the different sets – whether it’s short bursts of energy you are looking to achieve, or endurance – there’s a tune to suit everything that you do.

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In the spirit of sport, Izzy is kitted out in some of our favourites from adidas Originals at, adding a pop of sport to her casual look. Check out what’s New In at to find your own sporty style.

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