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Sun & Sand Sports Launches New Nutrition Range

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Ramadan is almost over, and for a month it has given us a break from any indulgent eating habits and the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and our nutrition. As we prepare for the Eid-Al-Fitr festivities and return to our usual routines, let’s keep in mind the lessons we have learned during the fasting month and strive to continue achieving our spiritual, mental and physical goals beyond Ramadan. Here at Sun & Sand Sports, we understand how fitness can keep you on the healthy track throughout the year. But without forgetting the big part nutrition plays in overall wellbeing, Sun & Sand Sports now sells a range of quality nutrition brands, whey protein and dietary supplements at

Good nutrition is vital to good health, and eating a balanced diet fuels the body with energy and nutrients to help us grow, live and function properly. Making the right food choices and being active is key, but sometimes it’s not enough. Despite eating right, your body may not absorb all the required nutrients for different reasons like health conditions, pregnancy, age, allergies, etc. Dietary supplements can help fill this nutritional gap.

Top nutrition brands on the market are made of natural, organic and non-genetically modified ingredients, and are produced using the best business practices. Let’s check the labels of some of the products in our latest nutrition range to find out more about the ingredients and their many benefits to our bodies.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Powder


Goji berries have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for liver ailments; while acai berries, (indigenous to South America), are proven to improve heart health, both are rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage, and can be found in the Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Powder. This is a powerful mix of wholesome fruits and veggies that you can drink or blend into a shake to strengthen the immunity and boost your natural energy levels.

Bluebonnet L-Carnitine Capsule


This supplement comes in a soft gel capsule and is fortified with L-Carnitine, an amino acid that improves the metabolism and burns fat faster for effective weight loss support. It helps athletes to optimise their performance and has shown to have positive effects on heart and brain health. Supplement your sweat sessions with a Bluebonnet L-Carnitine boost.

Sygenix FUSE Lean Formula Powder


Whey protein comes from milk and is considered a complete protein as it contains essential amino acids. Protein is the building block of muscles, and the Fuse formula contains whey from grass-fed and hormone-free cows. The non-denatured, whey protein isolate can help with weight loss, muscle building and repair. Plus it is naturally flavoured for a tasty drink you can take to your training sessions.

New Chapter Wholemega Whole Fish Oil Capsule


Lower your blood pressure and boost your good mood with a healthy fish oil supplement. Our body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which keep cholesterol levels at a normal range, so we must get it from our diet. Fish is the main source of omega-3 and the New Chapter Fish Oil supplement is made with 100% Alaskan salmon sourced straight from the wild and from sustainable, non-farmed fisheries. This capsule also contains oregano and rosemary that supports overall immune health.

Infinite Labs Infinite Force Grape Powder


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are composed of leucine, isoleucine, and valine that accelerate protein synthesis and to help build muscle. Perfect for avid gym goers, Infinite Force can be taken before, during and after your workout to ensure a faster recovery period and reduce muscle trauma after intense workouts. It provides an alternative oxidative energy to keep you going for longer.

Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance Powder


Leafy greens boast a broad range of vitamins and minerals and Vibrant Health’s Maximum Vibrance packs all of this plant nutrition and vegetable protein into one potent, powdered multi-vitamin. Superfoods like organic kale are rich in Vitamin K, spinach is loaded with iron, and wheat grass contains plenty of Vitamin A, and these are just a few of the 100 ingredients found in this multi-supplement. It powers you up for optimal health, and the best part is, it’s deliciously flavoured for a great taste.

Dietary supplements can provide the much-needed nutrients to make you fitter and stronger, so try adding them to a balanced diet and exercise regularly for a healthier lifestyle. Check out the nutrition brands now in stock at Sun & Sand Sports online. Available for purchase and delivery in the UAE only. To learn more about healthy nutrition, dietary supplements and sports trends, subscribe to the SSS newsletter.



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