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SSS Online Exclusive – Vans Made For The Makers Shoe Pack

By Karen Gregory
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Sun & Sand Sports online is celebrating the hype of the Vans Made For the Makers Shoe Pack with three men’s shoe drops from the collection – available exclusively at

The collection is a celebration of the dedicated artists of the world, from the hands-on chef, to the musician – the skater kid, to the street style artist. Each of them sharing a commonality – that is, the time they spend on their feet, and the time spent doing all things creative.

Nothing should come between the artist and their work and the collection therefore harnesses three key features of reliable sneakers: simplicity, resilience and comfort.


Vans Made For The Makers Old Skool Classic Dubai

Vans Made For The Makers Collection has hand-picked the most loved Vans men’s shoes including the Vans Old Skool UC, Vans Authentic UC and Vans Slip-On UC , and made them all black so that the sneakers can be paired with any style for the artist on-the-go, but without compromising on style.


Vans Made For The Makers Authentic Classic Dubai

Wandering to rehearsals in a downpour or flaying materials around a studio? The Vansguard canvas uppers are water and dirt resistant so the sneakers can be wiped down after an intense day. Staying true to its signature style is the long-lasting, vulcanised rubber outsole with the waffle pattern for grip.


Vans Made For The Makers Slip On Classic UAE

The UltraCush (UC) sockliner means you can wear any of the men’s shoes from the collection for any job or to any event and you’ll be supported. With a custom blend of foam to keep you on your feet the shoe helps to absorb impact from a hectic day.

The region attracts a dynamic artistic presence from art and design, music, action sports and street culture. Every creative has a home here, which is why we can’t get enough of the Vans Made For The Makers Collection at

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