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SSS Is Here to Help You Run Right

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By Rana Ahmad
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

So where does the concept of running right come from exactly? Well, it turns out that not everyone is running the way that is most beneficial for him or her – and a technique called ‘gait analysis’ is used to measure this. Which is where the Sun & Sand Sports RunRight feature comes in.

SSS RunRight is a form of gait analysis, which involves running on a treadmill while an expert records your steps (or gait) – a scientific way of assessing the runner’s lower-limb biomechanics. The expert or instructor will then assess the video in slow motion to see exactly what happens when your feet hit the ground – maybe they roll inwards so your arches hit the ground, or perhaps they roll out – everybody is different after all. Basically, gait analysis is a biomechanical study of running locomotion.


Coach Mike and Amanda Rushforth joined us for a RunRight session, taking us through the concept at our flagship store at The Dubai Mall. Here’s a video from the SSS RunRight booth.

Sun & Sand Sports has brought its RunRight concept to The Dubai Mall store for customers to try out and find out how they run and what shoes they need. It’s crucial to know what your feet are up to when you run, especially if you run long distances, because shoes are essential for support and correction – which helps to avoid injury along the way. By analysing your gait, we can provide you with the right shoes for your body based on your running style. Since every runner has a different running style, they all have slightly different footwear needs. Here’s a little more information about those arches so you can learn about your own running technique:

Low Arch (Flat Feet)

Characteristics: You have a very flexible foot with an arch that sits low to the ground. There is little arch definition and you could potentially be susceptible to over-pronation.

Medium Arch Feet

Characteristics: Arch feet are defined as biomechanically efficient with a moderate level of flexibility and a clearly defined arch. You could however, experience common foot problems such as heel pain, which can be avoided by wearing the correct footwear.

High Arch Feet

Characteristics: You have a more rigid foot with an arch that sits higher from the ground. The arch is defined, which means that there is more pressure placed on the rear foot and forefoot. You could potentially be more susceptible to arch strain.

So it’s all about identifying the categories and how your feet fall into them. Once you know your problem areas, you can focus on rectifying them. SSS RunRight will determine your degree of pronation when running, your level of arch, and then match you to the correct shoe type, which will help to counter-balance over-pronation or under-pronation and avoid any potential issues in the future.


We break it down into four simple components to help explain the types of support available for the varying degrees of arching in the foot, so you can determine which bracket you fall into – or the closest match, and how to find running shoes to suit.


Visit the Sun & Sand Sports store at The Dubai Mall store and have your running style analysed so that you can stay at the top of your game and run right, always. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything related to sports and fitness.



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