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SSS Football Tournament Dubai: 15th July 2016

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By SSS Team
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 It’s time to gather your mates and ready your armour for the first of its kind ‘Conquer the Game’ 5-a-side football tournament on July 15th at Koora Dome, Dubai.

The ‘Conquer the Game’ football tournament is an initiative by Sun & Sand Sports that aims to elevate the sports industry in the UAE.

Athletes, sports lovers and football fanatics above the age of 15 across the Emirates, are invited to come together to form a total of 160 teams, and compete for the “last man standing” accolade. Football fans will indulge in 16 hours of consecutive play; 8 minutes per game, where teams will compete for prizes of AED 2,500 vouchers per player for first place and AED 1,000 vouchers per player for second place.

The tournament will start at 8am and will continue right the way up to midnight on the 15th of July where 16 teams will go through to the next round – yes, it’s going to be grueling and intense, but it’ll be worth it! Let’s break down our tournament for you in a little more detail.


Elimination Round


  • Participating teams will be allotted time slots.
  • Each slot will be 2 hours long, consisting of a total of 20 teams.
  • We’ll have 2 pitches ready and each pitch will have 10 teams competing against each other.
  • Each match will be 8 minutes long and with a change-over time of 2 minutes between matches.
  • The winners will gain 1 point and the losing team will be pushed to the back of the queue until their next turn.
  • In case of a draw, both teams will move to the back of the queue and the first two in that queue will play against each other.
  • In these 2 hours, the 2 teams with the most points will carry on to the round of the final 16 teams, which will commence after 12 midnight.
  • In case of a tie, the teams will go head to head in a penalty shootout. Points are awarded for every goal scored and every goal saved.
  • The first team to gain 4 points in the penalty shootout will be declared the winner.


Final Round


  • Top 16 teams will participate in the final round on the same day after midnight.
  • Each team will be allotted 8 minutes per game and the final 16 teams will draw for spots.
  • This is an elimination based round and every team that loses will be instantly eliminated.
  • In case of a draw, penalties will ensue to determine the winner.
  • The last team standing will be crowned the ultimate winners of the Sun & Sand Sports ‘Conquer the Game’ football tournament.


The Prize


Well, besides earning the bragging rights of being the best 5-a-side team in the region, each player in the winning team will be awarded an AED 2500 Sun & Sand Sports voucher!
The team in 2nd place will be awarded an AED 1000 Sun & Sand Sports voucher per player.
Sign up below and compete with some of the best teams in the region to claim the title as yours.







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