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SSS Fitness Challenge #2: Stay Active At The Office

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By SSS Team
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This week’s SSS Fitness Challenge focuses on keeping active and staying fit at the office. Working long hours at a desk can cause strains on your neck, back and joints – so you need to be mindful about how you go about your daily office routine, to keep it as healthy and stress-free as possible.

With deadlines right around the corner, we often forget that our bodies need time to breathe, relax and de-stress. It might not be possible for most people to hit the gym on a daily basis, that’s why we’ve compiled some fitness ideas so that you can follow a more healthy routine.

Take The Stairs

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Ditch the queue and take the stairs every morning. We aren’t asking you to climb all the way to the top; about 5 floors will do just fine. Start off slow and accelerate by taking two steps at a time. This simple exercise will work your leg muscles and get you off to a good start.

Desk Pushups

The desk pushup is a great way to flex your muscles during office hours. Firstly, make sure that your desk doesn’t slide easily (and that your chair won’t trail off behind you). Next, place your hands at the edge of the desk, parallel to your shoulders, legs straight and slowly lower your chest down and lift back up. Great for upper body strength, 20 desk pushups a day is a great way to keep your muscles active.

 Chair Dips & Stretching

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Build your triceps and upper arm strength by practicing chair dips. Stand up and put your hands at the edge of the chair (don’t use a chair with wheels for this). Slowly lift yourself up and down again. You can try this workout with a low-rise table as well – provided it’s nice and stable. Stretching at regular intervals can also reduce stiffness in the shoulders and the back. Stand a few steps away from the chair and place your right leg on it. Bend forward with your hands stretched in front and touch your toes. Pull back slowly and repeat the same with your left leg.

Leg Raises

If you suffer from backaches and headaches at work, then a simple leg raise exercise can help you combat general stiffness, keeping your body nice and fluid. Start this exercise by sitting on your chair with your back upright, shoulders down and chest out. Straighten your leg in front of you and lift it firmly off the ground. Repeat 15-20 times.

Pair up with an active buddy at work and carry out these simple, smart exercises during office hours to keep yourselves in shape!

Get your workout gear for the New Year from and watch this space for the upcoming SSS Weekly Challenges throughout the month of January.




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