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SSS Weekly Challenge #1: Burn Calories Faster With Simple Sports

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By SSS Team
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It’s a brand new year with plenty of new goals, and we are setting some simple challenges to follow this January, to keep you motivated and on track. While most of us sign up for the toughest workout classes at the gym, we often forget that there are much easier, more fun ways to go about that calorie crunching, and it doesn’t mean missing out on meals!

Here are a few simple sports that can be done both indoors and outdoors, to set the tone for your daily fitness routine – and kick off the SSS Weekly Challenge. Remember, this is your challenge, so set your pace and hit your own personal goals week on week.

The rules to the challenge are simple:

Participate in simple sports every day.
Say ‘yes’ to food (healthy food that is).
Burn calories faster by having fun with your workouts!


Challenge 2018 - UAE Abu Dhabi

To own this challenge you’ve got to hit the cardio hard. An hour of intense cycling will help you burn calories faster, while toning your leg muscles. Take your cycle out to a nearby park or sign up to spin classes at your nearby gym – there are so many studios to choose from.


Challenge 2018 - UAE - Swimming

Dive into a pool or hit the beach. Even at a moderate pace, you can burn calories and sharpen your swimming technique – keep your pace consistent and regulate your breathing for a streamlined swim.

Brisk Walking

Challenge 2018 - brisk walking

Brisk walking is underrated – it has so many positive effects on the body, but many of us don’t do enough of it! Take the stairs and make sure to take regular breaks in between office hours. You can track your performance with a Fitbit tracker for prompt reminders to move, and daily updates on your progress.


Challenge yourself 2018 - Skipping

Compared to brisk walking or cycling, 30 minutes of skipping can help you burn more calories than any other sport. This is a really fun workout, and if you’ve got kids, then have them play along too – make a game out of it.

Why not get your friends involved with the SSS Weekly Challenge and turn fitness into fun – it’s always easier when you have a fitness buddy to keep you motivated.

Ready, Set – GO!





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