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Running the distance with Faisal ‘Spartan’ Al Asmar

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Calling all Triathlon, Marathon and Spartan race fans!
Running is one of the popular forms of exercise. It’s simple, effective and barely requires any equipment.
As fans of running ourselves, we can’t help but notice how competitive running is increasing in popularity among the KSA enthusiasts. Below, we look into how you can clock in more miles, in a shorter time period. Basically to help you enjoy running a little bit more.

To do so, we have enlisted the help of none other than Faisal Al Asmar – Star tri-athlete of Saudi Arabia, to provide his insights.

Faisal Al Asmar – The Spartan

Being passionate about sports from a young age, Faisal was always out playing in the streets. Soon, he began participating in sports on a competitive level.

Back then, there wasn’t enough support for people who wanted to practice their passion. No flat and fixed running tracks available for him to train on, but that did not stop him as he trained in the rugged valley terrain.

He also used to cycle around the university with a risk of getting hit by cars! But he had no option and needed to get ready for the upcoming cycling races.
Training for swimming races was a hassle too. The only Olympic swimming pool available was exclusively for the national team. So he had to train in a 15 meters pool…….for a 2000 meters race!

Despite these setbacks, Faisal has emerged a champion in many races. Just look at some of his accomplishments below!

  1. 1st place “AG” Oman Spartan Beast
  2. 2nd place “AG” Abha Spartan Sprint
  3. 3rd place “AG” Al Ain Spartan Sprint
  4. 3rd place “AG” Bahrain Spartan Sprint

Excuses are not in his dictionary. His love for the game kept him going against all odds.
We get a one-on-one with a man himself to get a better understanding of what drives him to go above and beyond.

  • Faisal, your accomplishments amaze us! You truly embody ‘No excuses’ as a lifestyle. Do tell, what other sports do you practice?
    I do obstacle racing, triathlon swimming, cycling, running, CrossFit, calisthenics, climbing, football, basketball – everything. I do what I enjoy.

  • What got you into sports? What was your motivation?
    I am an energetic person. Staying still was never an option for me and so I have always been into any fun activity. Moreover, watching sports on TV, watching my favorite team win made me happy and got me excited to play the sport myself.
    I wanted to learn and try everything I could. Yes, I’ll make mistakes and won’t be as good as the people who dedicated their lives for that specific sport but at least I did it by myself and that’s not only made my happy but proud of myself as well!

  • Did you face any negative feedback during your training? How did you deal with it?
    I didn’t listen to them. I mean sometimes people will talk about you when they envy the life you lead. Keep your eyes on the goal and keep going!

  • How supportive was your family to your passion?
    Sometimes they got annoyed with me playing outside but they never stopped me. In fact, they actually supported me with my training.

  • What would be your one advice to someone training for Iron Man or Spartan race?  
    Sometimes you’ll feel lazy and once you remember your training today you’ll start imagining pain everywhere. But always remember that everything counts; every workout, every lap. When you work harder for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

  • Your top 3 tips when training for endurance.
    Consistency, train harder than yesterday and don’t ever compare yourself to others. But most importantly, enjoy it. It all begins with the mind.

    Make sure that you enjoy what you’re doing and if not, stop it! Go outside, search for your passion, find yourself and live a life filled with happiness because as they always say we only live once and once is enough if we live it right.

Guess we got more than we bargained for, life lessons along with training tips. So the key takeaway here – Every race is first won in the head, running is the easy part. Mentality wins races and achieves goals.

Like the man said, no more excuses. You have all the info you need. Yalla! Let’s get moving!
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