Get Involved | 28/02/2017

Play in the big leagues with du FC and Sun & Sand Sports

By Hussein Zohair
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

With du Football Championship (du FC), every youngster has a chance to be the next big thing. Children who register for the du FC get a chance to be discovered by Championship Director Michel Salgado and LaLiga certified coaches at the du Football Champions, who can then help boost their professional football career.


Featuring UAE Schools Cup and Streets Cups, du FC offers a professional scouting platform for your children to develop the champions of tomorrow. Open to boys and girls ages 11–18, from all over the UAE, this championship will provide an opportunity to football enthusiasts to participate through their school in the Schools Cup or with their friends in the Streets Cup. Those children who are scouted for the team get the opportunity to travel to Spain for a 21-day intensive training camp whilst playing competitive matches against some of LaLiga’s top youth clubs – including Malaga CF, Granada CF, Sevilla FC, Cordoba CF and Cadiz CF.


With the du LaLiga High Performance Centre, your children have the platform to receive training that matches European standards until they potentially move to Europe for the real deal, because the top talents will be scouted by LaLiga scouts. Through this global initiative, children can train to become future national, regional and even international professional footballers.


So where does Sun & Sand Sports come in to all of this? Well, as the leading sports retailer in the region, Sun & Sand Sports has partnered up with du for their Football Championships to provide team kits inclusive of shorts and jerseys to the players and their coaches, along with training equipment ranging from Speed Ladders to Agility Poles – ensuring that your children get the best training possible. Adding to your arsenal, are the Nike Hypervenom 3 shoes from Sun & Sand Sports, making you a force to be reckoned with.


The Nike Hypervenom 3 shoes feature full flyknit construction that combine areas of high breathability, support and stretch, giving your feet the most comfortable second-skin feel. Designed with multi-layered Poron foam pods, these activate rigidity when you slam your foot against the ball and dampen the touch during low velocity contact, giving you a functionally flexible football boot. These finisher’s boots allows strikers to cut, whip and strike home with finesse and flair. To find out more about this shoe, check out our Nike Hypervenom 3 Shoes Blog feature.


Get yourself a pair of Nike Hypervenom 3 shoes and join in on the football hype with du FC and Sun & Sand Sports. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on the latest in sportswear and news.



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