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Nike Chrome Blush Collection: Believe In More

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The Nike Chrome Blush Collection is officially here; it’s chic, it’s sporty, it’s feminine, and it exudes innovation – maintaining Nike’s renowned reputation for athletic functionality and forward-thinking technology. The collection takes on a more mellow colour palette in muted hues, for a sartorially sporty feel – taking the beloved athleisure trend to the next level. In the spirit of being fashion-forward and believing in more, we look to Nike Women ambassadors Lana El Sahely and Karen Mattar who certainly know how to set the tone for their workouts.


Lana El Sahely: Fashion Blogger 

Lana El Sahely Fashion Blogger Freelance Stylist

Lana fits the creative, sporty, fashionable profile and she is an inspiring ambassador to have at the helm of this campaign. At just 27 years old, Lana has quickly established herself as one of the region’s most prominent style influencers, as the creative force behind international fashion and lifestyle blog L’Armoire De Lana. ‘Believe In More’ is the ethos behind the latest instalment of the Nike Women campaign and Lana’s accomplishments at such an early age really show others that they too can aspire to achieve great things. As well as her passion for fashion, Lana is an avid runner and is currently in training for her first half marathon, taking place later this year.


Karen Mattar: Yoga Instructor

nike chrome blush

Karen epitomises your modern-day Yogini in both presence and practice – and her yoga classes are not for the faint hearted! The 28 year old yoga instructor began her career journey in Business and Management, leaving the corporate world four years later to fully immerse herself in the practice of yoga and what its teachings have to offer, venturing to India where she certified as an instructor in 2016. Bringing her new-found Zen back to Dubai, Karen started her yoga journey here teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Barre – and I can highly recommend her Power Vinyasa series for a physically challenging set that will see you leaving the studio feeling refreshed, empowered, and energised!


dubai nike chrome blush for women

So Believe In More and take your challenges to the next level with inspiration from the Nike Women, and the various other sports personalities that you follow. A lot of the challenge is in the mind, and it’s all about breaking those barriers down and making things happen. You can shop the Nike Chrome Blush Collection at for all your favourite looks. Don’t forget to follow the Sun & Sand Sports Blog for more tips and inspirational features, and check out the How To Series to learn a new sports skill today.

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