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Move to the Music with Jabra Wireless Headsets

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Music and movement go hand in hand; music gets us moving and gives us energy – maybe not physically, but psychologically, which is just as important because it gets the adrenaline pumping and puts you in the right frame of mind to work out. The beats are what we count our reps to; the length of a song helps us to programme the duration of each routine. Exercise and music go hand in hand, and for each type of exercise that you do, your body works to a different internal rhythm, feeding off a specific tone of music. Your yoga routine will obviously benefit from something a little more harmonious, more Zen, whereas your Body Attack class will require high intensity beats and regular blasts of energy. Music and instructor encouragement are the most effective ways of keeping energy levels high and motivation strong because our bodies will respond to their demands and expectations.

Jabra Wireless

From personal experience, my advice on how to pick your workout music is to find songs that give you a natural pick-me-up — songs that your body’s rhythm will naturally respond to, be it hard rock, pop, or country vibes, as long as they’ve got a regular beat to them that you can move to. DJ remixes of your favourite songs will work a treat, because they have a recognisable melody with the added pump of the beats you need to get you moving.

This brings us to our favourite new accessory – the wireless headset range from Jabra. After all, it’s a techy world that we live in so it’s important to make the most of technology that will enhance your overall sports experience. Your body will naturally move to the beat, so it’s important to give yourself the freedom to move, which is what makes the Jabra wireless headset the perfect workout partner – because it’s entirely hands-free! So you don’t have to worry about where to store anything, or carry, or strap to your arm, and the beats just keep on playing – keeping you motivated and focused on your game.

Danish brand Jabra is well-known for its range of high-performance audio equipment which can also be optimised to suit the wearer and their choice of workout. These wireless headsets feature comfortable all-day wear with multiple wearing styles, impressive surround-sound, with 6 hours of talk time – all in a range of colourful, compact and lightweight designs that are powerful and compatible with many different devices – keeping you synced up wherever you go to work out, whether you head to the gym or go for a run in the great outdoors.

If your current playlist is looking a bit tired, then mix it up a little to keep you motivated with some fresh tunes. Pick up your Jabra wireless headset from Sun & Sand Sports online and get dancing, running, or whatever it is that you do for exercise and enjoy every single beat. Sign up to the Sun & Sand Sports newsletter for all the latest tips and sports-related info from the SSS team.




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