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Mindfulness and Meditation During Coronavirus

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As more preventive measures and lockdowns are being implemented, all of us are facing greater amount of stress and anxiety than usual. With everyone wondering about what’s coming next, it’s hard not to start spiraling, especially when you’re cooped up. Take a deep breath. Literally. Feel better? Even with uncertainty surrounding you, there are still a lot of things you can be certain about to help manage your anxiety and fears.

Managing Stress in Times of High Anxiety

Cultivating mindfulness and a positive mindset is more important now than ever to calm your body and mind. Mindfulness is simply being fully intentional and aware about where you are, what you’re doing and not being overwhelmed by the things going on around you.

Mindfulness and Meditation

In these trying times, incorporating these simple practices into your daily routine can help you cope better and reduce anxiety:

  • Staying in the present with meditation – Although it’s important to stay up to date on the current situation, there comes a saturation point. Constantly reading news articles or watching videos will just build up the anxiety and fear. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, focus on today. Meditation and simple breathing exercises will help you to stay in the present, and not dwell on the past or future. Apart from reducing stress, they’ll also help boost your immune system and overall health. If you’re trying it for the first time, you may find your mind going in a million directions. Do not get discouraged. It’s a part of the process and requires some practice.
  • Pausing to relax – Limit your screen time and take some time out daily to relax. You can listen to soothing music, read a book, exercise at home, practice yoga, spend time gardening, try new recipes or de-clutter – anything that helps calm your nerves.
  • Embracing new skills – Take this opportunity to pick up new skills that you kept postponing for different reasons. Be it a new language, coding, painting or a short course – make better use of your screen time by expanding your knowledge.
  • Connecting with others – Social distancing doesn’t mean you disconnect with the world. Stay connected with family and friends, especially those who induce a sense of calm. People need to hear your voice — and vice versa.

Honour your emotional and mental needs amidst this slow-down. Following these self-care tips can go a long way to keep you and those around you calm and focused. As you spend your time at home, make sure you check out our home workout videos and health tips on @sunsandsports.

Control the controllable. Stay balanced and avoid stress.



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